Why Does Snapchat Show Gray Arrow When Snap is Delivered?

Of all the social media platforms, Snapchat is the best for sharing images. Are you wondering why? This app not only lets us chat with our friends but also allows us to share precious moments with them. Besides clicking memorable snaps, you can also insert many filters and texts to make them even more fun. At times, the receiver may want to save our snaps or react to them with emojis and stickers.

why does snapchat show gray arrow when snap is delivered

The Snapchat community is interesting and lively due to the remarkable user interaction. Millions of people use this platform to share snaps and stories with their loved ones. This platform has become so lively that not only teenagers, but people from all age groups have embraced it as well.

In addition to sending and receiving snaps and messages on Snapchat, we can use it to communicate with businesses. Countless brands run promotions allowing us to earn the opportunity of becoming their ambassadors. All we have to do is get a snap of ourselves featuring the company product.

If you are a frequent Snapchat user, you already know how to view snaps and messages on the app, isn’t it? Another attractive feature on the platform includes the differently-colored icons  that have been assigned differing meanings.

For instance, if you are sending a chat to your friend, you will see a particular icon once you hit the Send button. Again, there will be a different icon when your friend receives it.

Now, you must be brainstorming on how to understand if your snap has reached the opposite end. Without further ado, let us dive into it right away! In today’s blog, we will talk about the arrows that depict your snap delivery status.

Why Does Snapchat Show Gray Arrow When Snap is Delivered?

We already know that the app is extremely transparent in terms of screenshots and notifications, isn’t it? However, you are likely to feel upset till you figure out why your snap is displaying a dull gray arrow.  So, let us find out more about the gray arrow.

The simplest answer is that the gray arrow indicates if the chat or snap may have expired or has not been delivered yet. It appears when you have sent a snap or chat to someone you are not friends with on the platform.

Unless they accept your request, the snap will continue to have a hollow gray arrow. Such a scenario could also mean that the respective friend has unfriended or blocked you; therefore the snap(s) remain undelivered.

When you send snaps to someone who has not added you as a friend, the app notifies you through the gray arrow. Once you know that the message (chat or snap) is Pending, you will understand that the receiver will not see it in all probability.

The good part is that the pending message remains till the person has accepted your friend request (if any). Checking their profile will help you gain clarity on whether they have removed you. If the Saved Chat Attachments are not visible, chances are that you might be distressed!

Unfortunately, sometimes the app faces technical glitches, leading to the Pending gray arrow. Nevertheless, if you are sure that you have not been unfriended, the next option is to fix your connectivity.

A weak connection might lead to a lot of confusion and unnecessary chaos. Try eliminating it by resetting your router connection. In this case, you can also switch to a new Wi-Fi signal or any other connection that works for you.

You can also try closing Snapchat and restarting the app so that it functions smoothly. Uninstalling the app from your device and reinstalling it might also come in handy.

In addition, restarting the device can help you figure out why your snap is showing a gray arrow. You can also check out the Snapchat Support Page to know if there is any issue with the app. That should solve your query for the moment.

In other words, you will see the gray arrow when Snapchat fails to deliver the snap or chat to the receiver. So, the most viable solution will be to reach out to that recipient to know the status.

The bottom line

Now, before bidding goodbye, let’s look at what we discussed today. Our main focus was on how Snapchat functions in terms of snap delivery. We discussed the meaning of the gray arrow and its indications in detail.

Sometimes, the gray arrow might be a technical bug. However, it can become a source of disappointment if your friend has unfriended or blocked you. So, you will have to opt for a trial-and-error method to fix any issue that can lead to the appearance of the gray arrow.

Is there anything else you would want us to discuss? We would love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

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