Why Does Onlyfans Keep Charging Even After Cancelling Subscription?

OnlyFans may have gotten a reputation because of the adult content, but the loyal users know it’s certainly not limited to it. The platform gives a creative space to several passionate creators to share their passion and monetize their work! Subscribing to our favorite creators is the fun part of the platform. Having exclusive access to their content is something we all, as subscribers, enjoy.

why does onlyfans keep charging even after cancelling subscription

You must do nothing tricky to get access to premium content other than subscribing to the creators. But tell us one thing, can you ever be sure what’s waiting for you when you pay for a content creator’s services?

Sure, you have an idea as you’ve seen snippets of their work, but a whole new world may be waiting for you. Can we all guarantee that we would love the content after viewing it fully?

No, right? Perhaps, you are disappointed and have unsubscribed from the creator, which is common on the platform. But the question is, why does OnlyFans keep charging even after canceling a subscription?

Many OnlyFans users deal with this problem, so we decided to clarify and hopefully fix it. Let us dive right into the blog to learn more about the topic.

Why Does Onlyfans Keep Charging Even After Cancelling Subscription?

OnlyFans make canceling subscriptions a breeze. You are free to leave if you no longer wish to pay for a creator’s work. After all, we are humans, and our interests change with time.

Technically, OnlyFans shouldn’t charge you after canceling your subscription. Here is a brief guide to unsubscribe to know why we think so!

Steps to cancel OnlyFans subscription:

Step 1: Open the OnlyFans website on your PC/laptop and enter your login credentials to get access to your account.

Step 2: Navigate to the creator’s account you wish to unsubscribe from.

Step 3: Scroll to the Auto-renew option and tap it to proceed.

Step 4: A subscription pop-up message appears on the screen.

The message states: Are you sure you want to cancel your subscription?

You must choose the reason for the cancellation next.

Step 5: There are two options in the unsubscribe message next. They are:

Disable Re-bill, your subscription will expire on (date)

Disable Auto-rebill and unfollow. You will no longer see this user’s posts in your feed.

Choose any option of your choice.

Step 6: Confirm by clicking on Yes.

Note: As per the step guide above, your auto-rebill is no longer active once you unsubscribe.

If you are still getting charged, we’d like you to follow the advice below.

Fix 1: Contact OnlyFans support team

OnlyFans has made it easier for regular users to contact them. If you’re still getting charged, mail the support team to support@OnlyFans.com.

Explain you are still being charged after canceling your subscription. Remember, subscriptions are non-refundable since all purchases are final. But if you’re charged wrongly, the support team can assist and get you back the money.

Fix 2: Remove your credit card/other payment method from OnlyFans

OnlyFans offers several payment methods so that users can enjoy their favorite content hassle-free. But did you know that removing the payment methods from your account is just as easy?

If the error persists, we believe removing your payment method from the platform completely for a while would be best. Doing so will ensure you won’t be automatically charged after you cancel your subscription.

We will mention the steps to remove payment methods from OnlyFans below.

Steps to remove the payment method from OnlyFans:

Step 1: Tap your profile picture at the top left corner of your PC.

Alternatively, you should tap the profile icon from the bottom right corner of the mobile browser.

Step 2: A panel will emerge; select Your cards (to subscribe) from the list.

Step 3: You’ll be whisked to your payments page. There, you have the payment methods linked with your OnlyFans account.

Go to Your cards category and choose the card you want to delete from here.

Step 4: Hit the delete button under your payment method.

Step 5: Tap Yes, delete to confirm.

In the end

OnlyFans offers a hassle-free way to subscribe and later unsubscribe from a channel. Typically, you shouldn’t face issues, but it’s an app, and glitches are common.

Any user would hate to overpay because why should they pay for services they’re not using? If that’s the case, even if you’ve already canceled the subscription, we’ve included two solutions hoping they’ll work.

Share your feedback and tell us which advice worked out for you in the comments. Also, we would like to know how long did OnlyFans support team take to solve your problem!

Have more concerns related to OnlyFans? Feel free to drop your comments. We will do our best to solve them.

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