How to See First Message on Discord Without Scrolling

As far as social media platforms go, Discord is placed among the more recent ones. Launched around 8 years ago, this platform was modeled more like an instant messenger platform – much like WhatsApp – than a social media platform. The vision of the platform was to create a space for like-minded people with similar interests to interact and communicate seamlessly, both in private and group chats. And if you’re wondering what makes the app any different from WhatsApp, here’s the answer:

see first message on discord without scrolling

Discord was designed to primarily provide gamer-centric services and features, as it was built with the gaming community in mind. Not that you can’t find non-gamers on the platform today; it has gained astonishing diversity.

From having 10 million active users in 2017 to expanding to 150 million as of 2022, the platform has come a long way and has an even longer one waiting ahead. While crowds of gamers and streamers dominate this space, many other enthusiast groups are thriving here as well.

However, because most of these groups are somewhat discreet, a newcomer on the platform might need some getting used to here. Some of these newcomers have turned to us with a persistent query we plan to address in today’s blog.

If any of you has struggled with scrolling back on a server on Discord, we’re here to help. Stick with us till the end to find out some solutions!

How to See First Message on Discord Without Scrolling?

As you’re all familiar with, the conventional way of going back on any chat or conversation is similar on smartphones and tablets – you need to scroll up.

The same action works for Discord as well. However, it might not always be convenient for all users, especially if they need a particularly old message. To help users out in such a case, Discord has added a Search feature on its servers.

It is this feature that enables you not only to go back to the first message of a chat – no matter how long – but also to search by other metrics. How would it do that, you ask? We’re just about to show you that.

Follow these steps to see the first message of a server on Discord:

Step 1: As you open a server on Discord’s web platform at, your screen will have three segments.

The leftmost one is a list of all your channels, with the one that’s opened on your screen mentioned at the top. The middle one is the chat itself, and the rightmost one contains the names of all channel members.

You’ll also notice how there’s a search bar atop this list.

Step 2: In this search bar, you have to first enter in: and then mention the name of the channel in which you need to see the first message.

In this case, the channel that’s already opened on the middle screen. Enter its name here.

Step 3: As soon as you do that and hit Enter, it will display Searching… for a bit and then display the number of chats present in the channel as X Results, with three separate sections next to it:



Most Relevant

Each of these options has its own contents; you need to select the middle one to see the first message.

Step 4: Upon doing so, you’ll directly find the first message displayed there, along with the date it was sent and the name of its sender.

Moreover, there’s also a Jump button hovering towards its right. If you click on it, it will take you to the beginning of the channel on the main screen.

That’s it! Your job is done! We hope you’re happy with what you find here.

Going back to the first message on Discord: Why do you need it?

Now that we’ve already learned the trick to navigating on servers seamlessly, let’s address another common question about Discord – one that’s closely related to the action we’re here to talk about:

Why do Discord users need to scroll up their chats or go back to any particular message that often? Well, first and foremost, navigating through chats is an essential feature for all platforms because a user could have an important conversation on any of them.

Sadly, some platforms still don’t have it, but we’re sure they’re working on it as we speak.

Next, another common practice on Discord is streaming shows and animes together. Here, the people within a server share links to a particular episode, then watch it together and talk about it – discuss theories, predict the next moves, and share experiences. It’s a beautifully-working model.

However, at times, some members might need to access older episodes. And because such servers are commonly quite long, it might take them hours to go back.

It is for this reason that Discord users have always demanded such a feature, and now the platform has provided it.

The bottom line

As we’re about to wrap things up, let’s take a quick tour of everything new learned above. We figured out how one could go back to the first message of a Discord channel without using the conventional scrolling method.

The process of doing that involves using the Search feature, which is mentioned above for your convenience. Toward the end, we also talked about why Discord users constantly needed to go back to the first message on their channels.

If you have more questions about Discord or its channels, you know where to reach us – the comment section!

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