Why Do Your Friend’s Stories Appear Under Subscriptions on Snapchat?

The story feature on social media offers a welcome diversion from the usual long videos and posts that we see on most platforms. These short stories are entertaining to view and are usually jam-packed with information. Yes, practically all social networking platforms now offer this feature, but do you know who first made it available? Well, it was none other than the social media powerhouse, Snapchat, who paved the way. Watching stories on Snapchat is one of the exciting things to do on the app.

why do your friend’s stories appear under subscriptions on snapchat

You might be puzzled why some of your friends’ stories are featured under the Friends category at the top. Yet, there are certain friends in the crowd whose stories are currently listed under the Subscriptions section.

Have you ever questioned why your friends are split into these two groups? We saw that a lot of people were keen to unravel this riddle, and we were also intrigued. In order to learn more about it, we decided to solve the mystery and create this blog.

So, scroll till the end to find out why your friend’s stories appear under subscription on Snapchat!

Why Do Your Friend’s Stories Appear Under Subscriptions on Snapchat?

There are many features on Snapchat, and there are always new ones to discover. But do you understand what a Snapchat subscription means?

Many individuals have the absurd belief that since your friends’ stories are popular, they will appear under subscriptions. However, since we usually identify this term with YouTubers and content creators, we cannot hold it against them. We frequently subscribe to their newsletters, channels, and other stuff that they release for their followers, isn’t it?

On Snapchat, people utilize this option to avoid having their friends’ list swamped with friends while still being able to share stories with them. Therefore, subscriptions on the app are different from friends.

While friends mean you both add each other on the platform, subscriptions are one-sided. When you subscribe to someone, they won’t necessarily add you back.

You may also subscribe to your friends on the platform along with your favorite content makers.

We think there might be two reasons why you might see your friend’s stories under the subscriptions section. And to be sure you understand, we’ll talk about them both.

They have removed/not added you as a friend on Snapchat

One of the possible explanations for why you see their story under subscriptions is that they unfriended you on the app. They might not want to be your friend, or they may prefer to increase their subscribers. Even if someone removes you, you will still be subscribed to them because they are still added as friends on your Snapchat.

You might be wondering why you didn’t get a message when somebody unfriended you on the app, right? It is because Snapchat doesn’t make this information public. So, there are no notifications sent to you.

It is also possible that your friends might not have added you as a friend in the first place. They might have missed it somehow.

Unfriending someone and not adding them is two distinct actions. Ask why they did it in the first place before drawing any conclusions because there could be many reasons for this.

They have a public account

People regularly make their Snapchat accounts public. They might have moved to a public account to advertise their content. So, it might be the case with your friend too. It is another possible explanation for why you see your friend’s story under subscription.

Steps to switch to a public profile on Snapchat:

Step 1: Open the Snapchat app on your device and tap on your bitmoji/profile icon. The icon is present at the top left corner of the Snapchat screen.

why do your friend’s stories appear under subscriptions on snapchat

Step 2: Scroll down and find the Spotlight & Snap Map category. Do you see an Options button next to it? Tap on it.

why do your friend’s stories appear under subscriptions on snapchat

Step 3: Two options will pop up on the screen: Create Public Profile and View all Snaps. Select Create Public Profile.

why do your friend’s stories appear under subscriptions on snapchat

Step 4: Read the onscreen instructions, tap on continue, and then hit the Get Started option.

Step 5: You will receive a confirmation prompt; tap on Create.

why do your friend’s stories appear under subscriptions on snapchat

When you tap on the My Public Profile option under your profile page, you can see the number of subscribers under your username.

In the end

Today’s blog addressed why your friend’s stories appear under subscriptions on Snapchat. We went into great detail about what a platform subscription implies.

We have identified two possible reasons why your friends’ stories are surfacing in the platform’s subscriptions section. You have to verify which of the two explanations applies to your case to be sure!

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