Why Can’t I See All Likes on Someone’s Instagram Picture?

The like counts are simple social markers that suggest whether or not your community values your post. Whatever we refer to them in various social media jargon—likes, thumbs up, hearts, or reactions—they have unquestionably grown in importance in the online world. It is now a significant social cue that social media engines use to evaluate how visible your account is. There are various notable people, brands, and influencers who use social media today. Hence, more people are now beginning to gauge their brand awareness based on these like counts.

why can't i see all likes on someone's instagram picture

If we include Instagram in this frenzy, we all like double-tapping and adding hearts to videos and pictures we love.

As you browse through posts and videos, keeping control of your fingers as they double tap endlessly on everything becomes virtually impossible. Moreover, if your like count rises, the post goes viral and promotes the growth of your app profile. We really are that hooked, aren’t we?

But you can’t find the numbers you usually see! Moreover, there are just random usernames with, and others added, right? Check out our blog if you wish to know why such issues are cropping up!

Why Can’t I See All Likes on Someone’s Instagram Picture?

Social media and its link with mental health issues have been a topic of concern for some time. And Instagram is no different.

How did I get a few likes when my photo was so cool? Why are people so rude in the comments? Or can I block this crazy stranger snooping on my profile? We are pretty sure these are pretty common questions we ask ourselves during our digital stay.

However, social media powerhouses like Instagram understand how stressful like counts can be for users. Time and time again, Instagram has come forward to make its users feel safe and accepted.

They began exploring the option to hide the number of likes on Instagram photos as a result of this.

According to Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, the feature took longer to appear than was anticipated on the app.

It was first tested out in 2019 with a small number of users. Then it was made available to individuals in a number of countries, which set off a social media storm. Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand were among the first nations to get this feature. It eventually set up a route to the UK as well.

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