What Happens When You Send Message to Someone Who Is Not Your Friend on Facebook?

From the era of sending letters tied to pigeons’ feet to typing up a text on a screen and hitting send, the evolution of communication has come quite far. Mankind has indeed made the most difficult tasks the easiest by virtue of its intelligence, and our generation has been blessed to reap its benefits in its prime.

what happens when you send message to someone who is not your friend on facebook

Today, you can message absolutely anyone who has an online presence. However, there are many nuances to sending messages as well.

Take messaging a non-friend on Facebook; do you know how it works? If not, you’ve come looking at the right spot. Stick with us throughout the blog to find the answers you seek.

What Happens When You Send Message to Someone Who Is Not Your Friend on Facebook?

Let’s get this straight: You’re wondering about the consequences of sending a non-friend a message on Facebook, aren’t you? We have your answer right here:

As you already know, all messages exchanged on Facebook are managed and stored on its Messenger app. On the primary Chats tab of this app, you’ll find the messages of all your friends arranged chronologically.

However, you can’t expect to find messages from people you’re not connected with on this tab; Facebook has created a separate, dedicated location for such messages called the Message Requests folder.

But why message requests? Well, it’s because when someone is not your friend on Facebook but still wishes to reach out, Facebook sets the ball in your court. In other words, you’re given complete freedom on how you want to deal with their message.

Therefore, it comes in the form of a message request, and you’re free to accept and reject it according to your will, much like a friend request.

 The same is true in your case here as well; the message you’ve sent to this non-friend on Facebook will be deposited in their Message requests section. Along with this message, they’ll find the option to approve or reject it.

Will you be able to tell when they’ve seen your message?

Now that we’ve clarified where your messages to your non-friends on Facebook are stored, we can imagine the next question that might be on your mind. You’re wondering how to figure out if this person has seen your message request yet.

Now, when you send a message to a friend on Facebook, how do you know if it has been read? By the seen stamp that appears at its bottom, right? However, message requests aren’t that straightforward.

Because you’re connected to this person on Facebook, their last seen status will not be disclosed to you; the same is the case with seen stamps under your message request to them. This stamp will only appear if they choose to approve your request.

On the other hand, if they choose to ignore or reject it, it’d be impossible for you to tell that. It might seem a little harsh to you right now, but we’re sure you’ll see sense in it when the tables have turned, and you’re the recipient of one such request.

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