What Does 3 Mutual Friends Mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat has slowly become one of the user’s favorite apps among the younger population in different parts of the world. The popularity of this app was at an all-time high when it first started out with all the celebrities using it. It is safe to say that the hype around this app hasn’t died out even to this day. Let us talk about the concept of mutual friends on Snapchat in the blog. You should bear in mind that it is not unusual for you to discover that another Snapchat user has friends in common with you.

what does 3 mutual friends mean on snapchat

All of us have contacts on the app, and occasionally using those contacts to meet new people may be quite helpful. That is, after all, the charm of social media, isn’t it?

You can make quite a lot of connections and build a large network of people with whom you can share your snaps and continue your snapstreaks. We frequently ask questions on social media in general, and Snapchat is, of course, no exception.

Many users are unsure about what three mutual friends on Snapchat mean! Do you also think about the question frequently?

If this question has remained unaddressed for you for a while, don’t worry; we are here to explain it today. So, you must read our blog till the end to know all about it if you wish to put your curiosity to the end.

What Does 3 Mutual Friends Mean on Snapchat?

We typically see mutual friends listed in the quick add menu on this social media platform. The likelihood that you will see mutual friends on Snapchat doubles if you have added sufficient friends.

In essence, Snapchat usually lists people you have friends in common with when you see the mutual friend list on quick add. We know that just because you have shared connections doesn’t mean you have to add those folks to your Snapchat. But the mutual friend list comes in surprisingly useful if you know the individual because it allows you to search and add new friends to the app.

Let’s revisit the query, “What does 3 mutual friends on Snapchat mean?” It simply indicates that you and that particular user share three common friends or have three friends in common.

How to check the mutual friend list on Snapchat

We just explained to you what the three mutual friends mean on the app, but how do you know about these numbers? And do you think you can get information about the people behind those numbers?

Let us first discuss how we can check the mutual friend list on Snapchat in the following section.

Method #1: Via the quick add feature on Snapchat:

You probably already know that you cannot view a list of the users’ mutual friends if you have been a regular user of Snapchat for some time. Simply put, Snapchat lacks the option to help you check who those three mutual friends are.

You must know that there are various ways in which Snapchat is different from other widely used social networking apps. Hiding the friend list on the app is one of Snapchat’s privacy features that makes it pretty different.

Thanks to this specific initiative, the app has substantially greater privacy now than the bulk of other social networking platforms. Therefore, your only choice is to check the number of Snapchat friends you and someone else have in common. So, we’ll tell you how to check it if you are interested.

Steps to view quick add on Snapchat:

Step 1: In order to begin, you must navigate to the Snapchat app on your phone.

Step 2: Tap on the app icon and enter the application.

Step 3: Now, do you see the profile picture icon at the upper left corner of the Snapchat home page? Please go ahead and click on it.

what does 3 mutual friends mean on snapchat

Step 4: Navigate to the section titled Friends here. You must tap on the Add Friends option next.

what does 3 mutual friends mean on snapchat

Step 5: Move down to the Quick Add section on the new page you are now in.

what does 3 mutual friends mean on snapchat

You will see the (number) mutual friends option under the username of the Snapchat user.

The number of mutual friends you might see can be 3+ or even 10+, depending on how many people you have in common with the person.

Method #2: Add the person to your contact list

We know that the steps above will only provide the number of your friends in common, but what if you want to know their names? We think the first step in learning the names is to add that person to your Snapchat contacts list.

You can ask the person personally to take a picture of their friend list and send it to you once you add them and they add you back. Additionally, you can access their account on your own if they are around, and you can grab their phone.

You can choose to add that individual from Snapchat’s quick add list. Now, allow us to walk you through the process of doing it down below.

Steps to add someone to your Snapchat contact list:

Step 1: You must launch Snapchat on your phone and make sure to tap on the profile icon at the upper left-hand corner.

what does 3 mutual friends mean on snapchat

Step 2: Go to the Add friends option in the friends category and tap on it.

what does 3 mutual friends mean on snapchat

Step 3: Head to the Quick add category. Now tap on Add next to the username with whom you share mutual friends and wish to know who these people are.

what does 3 mutual friends mean on snapchat

In the end

Now that the conversation has ended, let us quickly review the points we addressed. We talked about one of the often-asked questions about Snapchat. We discussed what 3 mutual friends mean on Snapchat.

Then, we described how to view your mutual friends on this platform. We discussed two options: using the quick add feature and adding the person to the list.

We sincerely hope you understood the answers in today’s blog. So, you can drop a reply for us in the comments below.

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