What Does 3 Mutual Friends Mean on Snapchat When Someone Adds You

If there is a word that can accurately sum up everything Snapchat stands for, it would, without the shadow of a doubt, be privacy. It’s interestingly commendable how the snapping and chatting platform manages to pull off such popularity while being stricter on privacy than most other platforms. Snapchat provides us with a host of uniquely interesting features without ever compromising a bit on our security or privacy.

what does 3 mutual friends mean on snapchat when someone adds you

While this characteristic is what makes the platform different from all other platforms, it is also responsible for some unexpected mysteries around the users we interact with, including our Snapchat friends.

Snapchat is made for friends. The platform expects you to be friends with people you already know but discloses little to no information about other users. Even if you’re friends with someone, you cannot know much about them other than what they tell you.

One of the things you might be able to see about a Snapchatter is the number of “mutual friends” they have. But what does this mean? What does it mean to see something like “3+ mutual friends” next to a user’s name on the Quick Add list? Read on to get the answers to these questions.

What are mutual friends on Snapchat?

First of all, what does the term “mutual friend” mean?

You would be familiar with the term if you were a Facebook user. On the profile of some users, you see terms like “15 mutual friends” or “6 mutual friends” written in bold.

Mutual friends are the term given to those users who are friends with some of your friends. In other words, mutual friends are those users with whom you have some friends in common.

Let’s suppose you have 50 friends on Snapchat, and there is a user- let’s call him Sam- who is not your friend yet. If you see that Sam has 5+ mutual friends, it means out of the 50 Snapchatters who are your friends, five or more are friends with Sam, too. Therefore, you and Sam have five friends in common. Hence Sam has five mutual friends with you.

Snapchat doesn’t show you much information about other users, even if they are your friends. But it does show the approximate number of mutual friends a user has.

What Does 3 Mutual Friends Mean on Snapchat When Someone Adds You?

The Quick Add section on Snapchat shows you some recommendations of users you might know and want to add as friends. This section is curated by various factors that include your contact list, friends of your contacts, friends of your friends, and so on.

When a user on your Quick Add list is a friend of one or more friends of yours, you would be able to know them. This is because, below the name of each such user on the list, you will see text like:

3+ mutual friends;


6+ mutual friends;


11+ mutual friends;

and so on.

what does 3 mutual friends mean on snapchat when someone adds you

Now, just like these users can appear in your Quick Add list on Snapchat, you can also appear as a suggestion in the Quick Add list of other Snapchatters.

Therefore, if you can see Sam as a suggestion and know that he has five or more mutual friends, Sam can also see you on his Quick Add list and know that you have five or more friends in common.

So, if someone added you on Snapchat and you can see that they have 3+ mutual friends, it likely means that the other user has also added you on this basis. They might have found you on their Quick Add list and would have seen that you have 3+ mutual friends.

In this case, there is nothing to think about at all. You can add someone back if you like or ignore their request if you don’t. The decision remains with you.

Can you see someone’s mutual friends on Snapchat?

On many other famous social media platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram, you can see the friends or followers of people you are friends with. But that can hardly be expected from the ever-so-unique Snapchat.

Snapchat doesn’t allow you to see the list of friends or mutual friends on Snapchat. All you can see is the number of mutual friends a user has. There is no way to extract more information without asking the user directly.

To see the users, you might know on Snapchat, open the app and tap on the Add Friends icon near the top-right corner of the Camera tab. You will see the Added Me list that contains the users who have added you (similar to the friend request list on Facebook).

Below this list, you will see the Quick Add list containing suggestions. You can see the number of mutual friends below each user on these lists.

How to stop your account from appearing in others’ Quick Add list?

You can prevent your name from appearing in other users’ Quick Add list on Snapchat. And it is quite easy to do this. Follow these steps to remove your account from others’ Quick Add lists:

Step 1: Open Snapchat and tap on your bitmoji icon at the top-left corner of the Camera tab to go to your profile screen.

what does 3 mutual friends mean on snapchat when someone adds you

Step 2: Tap on the gear-shaped Settings icon to enter your Account settings.

what does 3 mutual friends mean on snapchat when someone adds you

Step 3: Under the Who Can subsection of the Settings page, tap on See me in Quick Add.

what does 3 mutual friends mean on snapchat when someone adds you

Step 4: Uncheck the box next to Show me in Quick Add.

what does 3 mutual friends mean on snapchat when someone adds you

This way, you will no longer appear in the Quick Add list of any Snapchatter.

Wrapping up

Let’s recap everything we discussed in this blog.

This blog was all about suggestions and mutual friends on Snapchat. We explained who are mutual friends on Snapchat and how they appear in the Quick Add list.

We also told you whether you could see someone else’s friends on the platform. Finally, we told you how to stop your account from appearing as a suggestion to other Snapchatters.

So, did we clear your doubts about mutual friends on Snapchat? Tell us what you think of this blog. If you have any questions, drop a comment down below.

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