How to See Blocked Whatsapp Status (Updated 2023)

See Someone’s Status on Whatsapp if Blocked: When WhatsApp launched the status feature, many users were skeptical of it. But it didn’t take long for them to get addicted to this feature, and very soon, they were looking for a way to upload statuses with a customized audience.

view someone's whatsapp status if they blocked you

Today, when you upload any status on WhatsApp, you can control who sees it by altering the Status Privacy on your account.

But if you’re unable to see someone’s status, how will you figure out what the reason behind it is?

Have you been blocked, or have they simply hidden it from you? Can you see someone’s status on Whatsapp if blocked?

In this guide, you’ll learn how to see blocked Whatsapp status and how to know if someone blocked you on Whatsapp status.

Can You See Someone’s Status on Whatsapp if Blocked?

Unfortunately, you can’t see someone’s status on Whatsapp if blocked. When a WhatsApp user uploads a status, they have full control of who can view it. WhatsApp provides all its users with various customizable options to choose the audience for every status they upload.

With that being said, if you know for sure that this person has blocked you, then we’re sorry to inform you that there’s no way you can watch their status. The privacy policies on WhatsApp are quite thorough, leaving no room for a blocked user to see the blocker’s status.

But just because you know that someone uploaded a status and you couldn’t see it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve been blocked. Perhaps this person might’ve hidden their status from you, either accidentally or intentionally.

How to See Blocked Whatsapp Status (Truth & Alternatives)

We’re sure you might’ve come across many articles claiming it’s possible to view someone’s status even after being blocked using some third-party tool or app. Let me tell you this: if you read these articles further, you’ll find that no app and tool can do that on its own.

Sure, they’ll talk about WhatsApp cloning apps that allow you to use two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously. But what does that have to do with viewing someone’s status? Honestly, it doesn’t. Ultimately, you’ll need to ask this person to save a new number so that you can view their status from a new different account made by said number.

And if someone were to block you, what makes you think they’d be willing to save a number you sent them without any questions? That’s what we thought. To sum it up, it’s evident there are no apps or tools in the market that can get it done right now. If such a tool is launched in the future, we’ll be the first to update its info here.

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Whatsapp

When a WhatsApp user blocks someone else on the platform, the person being blocked has no idea in 8 out of 10 cases. So, if you’re not sure if someone has blocked you but don’t want to ask them straight away, here are five signs that indicate it.

Keep in mind that individually, all these signs can mean any number of things. But if you’re noticing all these things together, there’s a strong chance that you have been blocked.

Sign 1: Blank screen in place of their WhatsApp DP

If you’ve known someone for some time, you must be familiar with whether they put up DPs or not. And if someone who never removes their DP has suddenly removed it indefinitely, that’s the first sign that says, “You could’ve been blocked by them.”

Sign 2: You can no longer see their last seen

Nowadays, most of us keep our last seen status hidden across social media platforms to avoid being badgered for replies by relatives or pestering friends. However, if you could see someone’s last seen until recently, but it has suddenly disappeared, along with their DP, it can signify being blocked.

Sign 3: Any message you send them will have a single tick

You’re already familiar with the fact that if someone with an active internet connection receives a WhatsApp message, it will automatically have a double tick. Being blocked is one of the common reasons behind all your messages to a user showing a single tick for longer than a day.

Sign 4: Your calls to them will never show “ringing.”

If you call someone on WhatsApp and it doesn’t change to “ringing,” it’s either because they don’t have an internet connection or have blocked you. And if it persists for a couple of days or more, the latter is most likely true, since people rarely go more than a couple of days without internet these days.

Sign 5: You will no longer be able to see any status they upload

Lastly, we come to our prime concern. If you combine not being able to see someone’s status with all of the four signs mentioned above, you can rest assured that they’ve gotten rid of either WhatsApp or you.

Final Words

If someone has blocked you on WhatsApp and you want to see their status, there’s no way to work around it. While some third-party apps might claim to get it done for you, the process involves asking this person to save a different number from which you’ll make a new account later. In other words, it’s impossible to get it done from your own account.

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