How to Track Someone’s Location Through Text Messages (2 Methods)

Have you been searching for ways by which you can track a person’s location through the text they had sent? Then we are right here to help you out. There are times that we see people have sent us a text message and this can get a little unsettling, especially If the message sender is not known to us.

track someone’s phone location through text messages

These are the situations that are not in our control and this is where having a specialized app can be so useful. This way you will get an insight into that person’s location and understand where they were coming from.

You might be wondering if this is even possible, and the answer to his is yes! And the best part is that the tools that we shall tell you about here are very easy to use.

The need for tracking someone through text might be an absolute necessity if you have children of young age and they’re active and feel the need to be outside the home for the most part as well. Not only this, this can be critical at times for our elders and relatives too.

Imagine if they are visiting your new home for the first time, how will they reach the place directly? One needs to send them your location and also ask them for the same. And here we have for you some easy and simple ways to do this in this article!

Can You Track Someone’s Phone Location through Text Messages?

One of the first questions that might be arising in your mind right now if this is something possible?

Well, the answer here is yes and also no.

In case you need to get access to a person’s location just through the text without taking their consent, then the answer here is NO!

The main reason for that being it’s against the law. Secondly, with just the text message finding the location can be a tricky task as well. Even if you do feel the need to track your dear ones and children, you can always try and ask them about their current location.

And for such cases, we have the answer for you and it’s yes. You will be able to track the location through SMS. And there are many ways by which you can do that. So we are assuming that you fall in the second category we mentioned. And you want details of a person’s location through text for making sure they are alright or not.

We have a simple method right here!

How to Track Someone’s Phone Location through Text Messages

Use Qustodio

Do you need to track the location of your kids just for the monitoring aspect? Then this method might be of assistance to you. Children get prone to various online dangers today than earlier and also tend to lie about their location as well.

Qustodio is one such application that will send you a message whenever your children get into trouble. This message will be delivered to you in the instant where your child taps on the SOS button.

Not just you, the other reliable contacts that you have will also get the message. There will be information on the location of the phone as well. So in case you somehow miss the message, probably, other trustable contacts won’t miss it.

The app can be used by schools, families, and even businesses.

There are also other interesting features of Qustodio and see location tracking through text as just one of them. The app has additional features that make Qustodio one of the best applications that you can use for monitoring your children well.

Use Cocospy for Android and iOs devices

As iOS devices are very security conscious, it is pretty challenging to track them. However, this has not barred people with monitoring needs from figuring out a solution. Cocospy is one of the best location tracking tools that you can use for Android as well as iOs devices. The tool offers you advanced remote text message tracking. When you have the Cocospy app installed on your target device, you will be able to view all sent and received messages and do real-time GPS tracking.

For iOS devices, all you need to do is purchase a subscription and get your target user’s iCloud credentials. Depending upon your subscription. Cocospy can help you track the target device’s SIM card location. So sign in with your target user’s iCloud email address and password, and then navigate your web portal to track your kid’s location.

Wrapping it Up

The need for tracking a person through text messages can be many. But this is critically important for people that you care about the most. For them, there is a need for additional security and this is where having quality monitoring applications can be useful.

In the present times, taking the eyes of teen kids is impossible; tracking location is a completely different story. With such spy apps, you are not just able to take a look at their location but also get information at any instance where they are in some type of emergency or danger.

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