Does Bitmoji Disappear from Snap Map When Your Phone Dies or Snapchat is Inactive?

Ever since the live location feature was introduced to the world by Google, people have been conflicted about its helpfulness. Most people claimed that it helped them find their friends or family members in time of need.

bitmoji disappear from snap map when your phone dies or snapchat is inactive

However, a group of people also complained that this feature is an invasion of privacy since they can’t go anywhere without their family knowing.

While we are of the opinion that this feature is essential and has helped many people in times of mortal danger, to each their own, right? Either way, the former majority won out, and the live location feature was adopted on most social media platforms like Snapchat and WhatsApp.

However, that’s not all. This feature is used in many other instances, like the Emergency SOS feature on most smartphones today.

You can make a quick call to the nearest law enforcement office if you’re in danger by tapping on the volume buttons together or some other practiced gesture.

What you might not know about this feature is that it uses your live location, which is then sent to the office. That’s how the officers can track you. Now, don’t you think this feature is more important than your mother finding out you skipped school one day?

Today we’ll talk about why your bitmoji disappears from the Snap Map. Does it happen because of Snapchat inactivity? Or does your phone battery dying have something to do with it? Read till the end to find out!

Why does bitmoji disappear from Snap Map?

There are several reasons why someone’s bitmoji disappears from the Snap Map. They might’ve modified their privacy settings or been inactive on Snapchat for more than eight hours. They also could’ve just deleted or deactivated their Snapchat account.

Don’t worry; there are numerous methods you can apply to find out which of these is true in your case.

One important thing to remember is that bitmoji doesn’t disappear from the Snap Map when their phone dies. There is no link between your phone’s battery and your location on Snapchat.

If your phone dies for eight hours and you don’t log in to Snapchat from another device in the meanwhile, then your bitmoji will disappear from Snap Map. This still has nothing to do with your phone’s battery and everything to do with your Snapchat inactivity.

However, the moment your log off from Snapchat, Google stops pinging your live location on Snapchat. So, for the next eight hours, your location on the Snap Map is the last location you were in before you closed Snapchat.

You could’ve traveled halfway around the world, but it’ll only appear on the Snap Map after you use Snapchat.

Does Bitmoji Disappear from Snap Map When Your Phone Dies or Snapchat is Inactive?

The Snap Map was a fun addition made to Snapchat in 2017. By using the feature, people could see each other’s bitmoji at their current location. They could also make their bitmojis say certain things like What’s up? and HMU!

However, many users complained that the feature was a complete invasion of privacy, as it was highly inconvenient for people who didn’t want their location delivered to everyone.  Snapchat obliged by adding three privacy modifications to the Snap Map, using which you can control who sees your location.Let’s talk about how these features work.

Only me/Ghost mode.

The first and default setting on the Snap Map is the ghost mode. In ghost mode, you can see your friends’ location (if they choose to share it), but they can’t see yours. 

My friends.

When you activate this setting, only your friends on Snapchat can see your location on the Snap Map. However, remember that this setting isn’t mutual; they could still hide their location from you by activating ghost mode on their account.

Select friends.

If you want only one single person to be able to see your location on the Snap Map, you can arrange that, too! You can handpick as many people as you want to see your location while removing everyone else.

You can also choose to show your location to all your friends on Snapchat except one or two. This is the best setting if you have way too many friends and only a couple of people you wish to hide your location from. Doesn’t that sound convenient?

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