How to Tell if Someone Blocked You from Seeing Their Story on Facebook

Stories have become a staple of sorts on Facebook! Every time you open the app, your friends and family have shared at least one story, allowing us to get a glimpse into their lives. But let’s be honest! Do we make all our stories public? Of course,  we crave privacy and intimacy even in our online lives. So, we sometimes select a few people to share our stories with.

tell if someone blocked you from seeing their story on facebook

Naturally, someone on your Facebook friends list is also doing this if you are. Today, we will discuss how to tell if someone blocked you from seeing their story on Facebook.

Let’s buckle up!

How to Tell if Someone Blocked You from Seeing Their Story on Facebook?

Unfortunately, you can’t directly see whether someone blocked you from viewing their Facebook story! Why? Facebook prioritizes its user’s privacy and ensures the entire process is carried out discreetly.

Imagine the utter chaos if it starts notifying you every time you block someone from seeing your story! Would you even use the feature anymore? That’ll just be weird, right?

We’re sure this doesn’t exactly answer your question! Facebook notifications are no longer a possibility. Therefore, we must search for possible workarounds to confirm our assumptions.

Now, what are these workarounds? Can we test our assumptions easily? Why don’t you read the sections that follow to learn more?

Recheck their Facebook story

Why don’t you start by checking their Facebook story again before we go on to possible workarounds? It’s not silly; hear us out.

You might not be able to see the person’s story even if they have shared it for a variety of reasons. Many things may go wrong, including an unstable internet connection, a weak network area, or even a server breakdown.

So, give it some time and then see whether their story appears on their account!

Ask a mutual friend about the story

Let’s start with the second workaround and how to work with it, okay? So, we assume you share common friends with the person you suspect has blocked you from their stories!

Now, slide to their DMs and ask about the suspect’s story on Facebook. If they confirm the suspect has shared a story and send the screenshot over to you, you know you’ve been blocked from viewing it.

But what if you don’t have a mutual friend with the suspect? In that case, it’ll help your case if the person has a story that everyone can view so anyone can send the story to you.

You can ask more people to send the suspect’s story, and if everyone shares the same story with you, your suspicions are true.

Sign up for a fake Facebook account

If only this doesn’t feel like a chore to you, and you’re using it for something unethical! Remember that there are already many fake profiles on Facebook, and you don’t want to join the list of those using it for questionable purposes.

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