How to Secretly Save Someone’s Snapchat Stories

Snapchat is famous among teenagers for more than a few reasons. One of them is the top-notch privacy and security provided by the platform. Your location, pictures, snapstreak, and identity will only be known to those you wish to know. In fact, it’s come to a point where creepy users misuse this privacy by making fake accounts. Fortunately, Snapchat has a fix for that, too. You can always remove, block, or report any users you feel are giving off a weird vibe or acting inappropriately.

secretly save someone’s snapchat stories

There are other features that were initially introduced on Snapchat but were so well-received by internet users that they were soon added to other platforms, too.

For example, the stories feature, which is widely used on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp, was initially launched on Snapchat. In fact, it was initially considered a useless feature without any meaning whatsoever.

Next is the Snaps feature, the basic concept of Snapchat. It was viewed as highly ambiguous and said that it’d only be used for inappropriate and explicit purposes like Omegle and OnlyFans. Still, after Snapchat became an up-and-running star, Instagram and WhatsApp introduced similar features where you could send someone a disappearing image or video.

The list goes on and on. Snapchat has brought a new wave of convenient and secure features among social media platforms, especially for Gen Z.

Besides these major features, many small tweaks and modifications make users feel important and seen. These include the birthday surprise, where Snapchat sends you a wish, and a filter perfect for clicking your birthday pictures.

Of course, we all have that friend who always forgets our birthday. For those friends, Snapchat also puts a birthday cake emoji next to your name on Snapchat on your birthday. This way, even if they’ve forgotten, they’ll remember and get you a gift just in time!

As if this wasn’t enough, Snapchat also gives us a way to express ourselves through fashion. Bitmojis is one of the best ways to create a version of ourselves with which we can relate the most. Bitmoji also collaborates with some of the best global brands, so you don’t have to worry about quality!

In today’s blog, we’ll talk about how you can secretly save someone’s Snapchat stories.

How to Secretly Save Someone’s Snapchat Stories

Let’s say that you’re a new user on Snapchat and have just added one of your close friends as a friend on the platform. They accept, and you see that they’ve uploaded a story on the platform. When you check it out, it’s a picture of you with them! Isn’t that sweet?

Since there’s no option to save or download their story, you settle with taking a screenshot of the image. Later in the day, when you meet them, they tell you that they know you’ve taken a screenshot of their story, albeit playfully.

And while it isn’t that big of a problem since they’re your friend, it could’ve been an awkward conversation with your crush, don’t you think?

Fortunately, you now know how that a screenshot is not the safe way to go when looking at your crush’s Snapchat story. So, what should you do? How can you save their Snapchat story to your gallery without them finding out about it?

On some blogs, you might’ve seen the suggestion to start screen-recording before you launch Snapchat and then go to their story. And while that is indeed a tricky thought process, it won’t get you anywhere. This is because Snapchat will still recognize that their story was captured somehow.

If you wish to take a screenshot of someone’s Snapchat story, then the best way to go through with it is to make up the perfect excuse. Maybe there was something in that picture, maybe the clothes they were wearing, that you loved and wanted to get for yourself.

Maybe you wanted to know where the picture was from, which restaurant or park, or whichever place.

That way, even if they do ask you why you took a screenshot, you have a reasonable answer. That being said, people generally don’t hit anyone up to ask if they took a screenshot of their story. It’s a sign of insecurity and underconfidence, two traits no one intends to show.

Still, it’s best to have an excuse handy, don’t you think?

In the end

As we end this blog, let’s recap all we’ve discussed today.

As a new user on Snapchat, you’re bound to slip up once or twice. We’re just here to help you avoid the ones that might be the reason for more than a few awkward conversations for you down the line.

Snapchat takes privacy very seriously, so if you take a screenshot of someone’s Snapchat story or the chats between you, they’ll find out. So, while you cannot avoid them finding out, you can hit them with a counter-attack with a perfect, reasonably innocent answer. Or, if you prefer to play it safe, you can just avoid the whole screenshot thing altogether and keep the image in your memory forever.

If our blog has helped you, don’t forget to tell us all about it in the comments below!

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