How to Scan QR Code Inside Your Phone Without Using Another Phone

We see QR codes everywhere these days. These can be called the present-day barcodes and lets the user open an internet page faster, send a text message, or downloading an application. All we need to do is scan the code with the help of the phone camera and we shall have access to the complete helpful data.

scan qr code inside your phone without using another phone

Mostly we use our phones for scanning a QR code that’s placed outside the phone. However, if need to scan the code on the phone, the situation can become a bit difficult. It’s always a good idea that you are scanning the QR code from reliable companies. The main reason for this is security reasons.

The hacker can link the QR codes with malicious websites that might initially seem legit and instead catches all of the personal details that you have on your phone. Also, make sure that before you are entering all of the credentials you are checking the URL well before.

Unfortunately, in the present times, we can’t make use of the phone scanner for scanning the QR code on your same phone. There can be a need for downloading the different scanning applications to do that. Here we shall discuss some of the ways by which you can do that.

How to Scan QR Code Inside Your Phone Without Using Another Phone

We have the list of some of the QR code scanner apps that you can try for the times when the QR code is in your phone itself, let’s begin!

There are online applications that can help you in scanning the codes that are saved in your gallery. You will be able to scan the code image that has taken a screenshot of as well. The good part about the app is that once you open it there will be options that can select that will be leading you to the gallery of your phone. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

Step 1: Download the Google Lens application on your Android phone.

Step 2: Log in to the application and choose the option that says the open gallery.

Step 3: Now go to that specific image with a QR code, it can be a screenshot as well that you need to scan.

Once the image is specified, the app scanner is going to scan it automatically. This is also going to redirect towards the webpage where the QR code content is encoded.

Interesting Tips to Scan QR Code Inside Your Phone

Now apart from the app that we mentioned above, there are also some tricks that you can try. This might need other devices but is surely something that you can try.

Just take the screenshot of the specific QR code. Then send it to a different device, and then you can lead the scanning process.

Another tip is that you can open the email on the computer that contains the specific QR code and then scan it from your mobile device.

Other Apps that you might have on your Phone already can be used for scanning QR Codes

Here is the list of some popular applications that you might have on your phone already and can help you with scanning QR codes instantly.

  • Snapcaht.
  • Shazam.
  • Pinterest.
  • WhatsApp.

With WhatsApp, you can pair the QR codes in your smartphone to the desktop. All you need to do is go on WhatsApp web from your desktop and then scan the QR code from your mobile.

  • LinkedIn.
  • Twitter.
  • Facebook Messenger.

Final Thoughts:

Being able to scan a QR code from just your smartphone can get a bit difficult for sure. But when you have a quality application and the image saved in your gallery, it shouldn’t take much of your time either. Hopefully, these tips and tricks will work well for you!

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