How to Save Edited Instagram Photos Without Posting Them

Instagram users love editing photos! And why not? How will you grab eyeballs and go viral otherwise?

Editing adds a unique touch to our photos. With pictures dropping by the minute, leaving a statement matters. We can all agree that taking a great photo is only part of the process; presenting it is as necessary.

save edited instagram photos without posting them

Nowadays, we’re familiar with the Instagram editing basics. But the question is, what if you want to save those edited Instagram photos without posting them?

No stress! We’ve got your back. Learn easy ways to do it with our easy hacks below.

How to save edited Instagram photos without posting them?

Aren’t you curious if this popular app lets you save edited photos without sharing them?

According to Instagram Help Center, you can save photos that you’ve filtered and edited on Instagram to your phone. However, here’s the catch: it saves every photo you post on Instagram to your phone’s library.

Hence, there’s no luck with Instagram because they don’t have a built-in feature for this. However, some methods save you from posting those photos.

Method 1: The Sneaky Airplane Mode Way

We love Instagram’s filters and editing tools, but that doesn’t mean we’d like to post all our edited pictures. It’s not logical.

With this sneaky little trick, you can edit your photos however you like and save them without needing to post them.

What does an airplane mode do? Technically, you can’t browse the internet because it turns off your mobile data. As for your Wi-Fi, turn it off. If there’s no internet, your photo won’t upload.

Go through our step guide to see how this method would work for you.

Here’s how to go about it:

Step 1: Launch your Instagram and tap the + icon at the bottom navigation bar.

Step 2: Pick the pictures you wish to edit from your gallery, then hit Next.

Step 3: The next page is where you edit your photos. Click on the Edit button at the bottom left corner and start editing.

Step 4: There’s a Done button at the bottom. Click on it once you’re done, and tap on Next again.

Step 5: You can write a caption and add location or music.

We’d suggest you not to since you’re not posting the picture anyway.

Step 6: Turn on the Airplane mode on your device.

Step 7: Click on the Share button next.

The Airplane mode stops your pictures from getting posted. Instead, there’s a message saying:

Will auto-post when possible.

We don’t want that.

Step 8: Navigate to the three vertical dots next to the message and give it a tap.

Step 9: There are three options: Retry now, Post later instead, and Discard post.

Select discard post.

Step 10: Confirm by tapping Discard again.

Now, head to your local photo gallery, go to the Instagram folder, and you’ll find the newly edited photos saved here without getting posted.

Sounds easy? Try it! Don’t forget to turn off your airplane mode once you’re done.

Method 2: Take the Screenshot Shortcut

Screenshots are the most convenient way to save photos to your gallery. We’d like you to try this to save your edited photos without posting them.

The only limitation is that the photos saved are of a lower quality. So, if it’s not a problem, please try it.

The trick is to go to Instagram and follow the steps to edit your pictures using filters, but don’t hit that share button. It is not required. Instead, take a screenshot of the edited photo.

Every smartphone has a unique button combination that allows users to take screenshots. So, find out what button works for your phone model.

For most Android, it’s pressing the volume down and power button together. For iOS users, pressing the side and volume up buttons work. This method is simple and quick, requiring no extra steps.

Method 3: The Instagram Story Hack

When you post stories on Instagram, it gives you an option to save them. If you didn’t know it, here’s your chance to learn and use it.

Basically, all you have to do is hit the plus (+) icon and choose Story next. Here, you can click a picture or choose something from your gallery, then make the necessary edits.

Are the three dots visible in the upper right corner? When you tap it, a Save option will appear.

Once you get a photo saved message, head to your phone gallery and check your instagram folder to find the photo there. Also, Instagram allows you to save the story to your phone’s gallery automatically.

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