How to Fix TikTok Sounds Favorite Not Working

TikTok is the culmination point of all things that are trending online. Celebrity clips going viral, a new song seizing everyone’s attention for its quirky lyrics, an old song resurfacing due to its strangely relatable lyrics— basically almost every trend that’s being loved by netizens either originates from TikTok or becomes even more popular after reaching TikTok.

fix tiktok sounds favorite not working

Sounds often play a central role in these short video trends and challenges, as most of such trends trend because of the sound they contain, and many of the trends are original sounds themselves.

Now, assume you have saved some of these rending sounds in your Favorites library on TikTok. However, just as you try to add a sound to a video you want to upload, you realize you can’t find your favorite sounds! How confusingly disappointing can it be? We bet a lot.

If you are going through such a situation right now, it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief. In this blog, we will explain why your sounds are not working and how to make them work again.

Why are your TikTok Sounds Favorites not working?

Before we try to fix the issue of missing sounds, it’s important to understand why this issue happens. So, here are the three most common reasons why TikTok sounds may not be working for you.

Reason 1: TikTok has a glitch or bug

In most cases, the issue has nothing to do with anyone because a bug or glitch is behind it. Bugs play a role in triggering a range of issues—from the most trivial oddities to the most serious problems. So, naturally, they can also make your favorite sounds disappear. However, the good news is while bugs are quite common, they are very easy to eliminate.

Reason 2: The owner deleted the sound

If you have realized that one or more sounds from a specific owner have disappeared or become unavailable for use, it might be because the original owner of the sound deleted the sound or made it private. This is more common if the said sound is a creator’s original sound, as the creator has full control over their sound and, hence, can remove it whenever they wish.

Reason 3: The sound has copyright issues

Sometimes, TikTok may remove a sound from the platform if the moderators find the sound violates the copyright of an original sound. Copyright issues are always taken seriously, so the sound may get removed not only from your library but from the entire platform. No one can use the sound in this case.

A similar thing can happen if the sound is found to be violating TikTok’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service or if the platform has received legal orders to remove the sound from your country or region.

How to fix TikTok Sounds Favorite not working?

If you cannot access or use your favorite sounds on TikTok, you can try bringing them back by following some common troubleshooting steps. They may not always work in every case—for example, when the owner or TikTok has removed the sound—but they are the only options that you can try from your end.

So, without wasting time, let’s get right into these simple fixes.

Fix 1: Log out and log in

If a minor glitch or cluttered app is causing problems loading your favorite sounds, the simplest troubleshooting step is to log out of your TikTok account and log back in. This step can help refresh your TikTok app and solve minor glitches.

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