How to Fix BMW Bluetooth Not Working

Have you ever thought of getting a high-end four-wheeler? For many, BMW is the go-to choice. Well, it’s quite a no-brainer since it’s been the leader in luxury cars for years!

With a stunning look, powerful performance, and top-notch Bluetooth technology, what more could you want in a car?

fix bmw bluetooth not working

The Bluetooth wirelessly connects your mobile device to your BMW iDrive infotainment system. With the iDrive system, controlling audio while driving is a breeze, and any BMW driver will agree.

But if your BMW Bluetooth suffers a breakdown, it’s downright frustrating. We’re sure this is a problem many of you are facing currently.

Today, we’ll walk you through simple ways to troubleshoot and get your BMW Bluetooth back up and running. Read the blog to make your driving experience smoother.

How to fix BMW Bluetooth not working?

Ready for your road trip? Great! But oh no, your BMW Bluetooth is acting up.

No worries, though – we’ve got solutions. Before we jump into fixing it, let’s check out four common issues causing your Bluetooth to stop working:

Pairing issues

Poor audio quality

Audio not working at all

Bluetooth keeps disconnecting

Solution 1: Re-pair your device

If you’re experiencing problems with pairing, try re-pairing your device with your BMW Bluetooth. These little configuration errors might occasionally cause problems with the Bluetooth connection. This quick fix might just sort out any configuration problems.

Also, Bluetooth connections can act up temporarily because of external interference, so bear that in mind. Re-pairing your device is an easy way to tackle these little hiccups.

Here’s how to re-pair your device:

Step 1: Visit your iDrive’s communication menu.

Step 2: Here, you must find the manage mobile devices option.

Step 3: Choose the target device.

Step 4: There’s an option to delete the device. Give it a tap.

Step 5: In the next steps, open your phone’s Bluetooth menu.

Step 6: Locate the paired BMW and tap the option to forget the device.

Now, pair your phone and BMW again and see whether the BMW Bluetooth starts working. This simple fix often does the trick.

Solution 2: Update your BMW Bluetooth and device

No updates mean your call quality may be affected. Now, this makes it challenging to hear anything clearly and causes frustration.

If you’re facing poor audio quality issues with your BMW Bluetooth, you must check for updates on both your BMW and the device you’re pairing. Ensure everything is updated to the most recent version for the best results.

BMW releases regular updates, and you can find more information on their website. Remember to update your device’s system software as well. This is a step that many people miss, and issues with audio quality can also be caused by out-of-date software.

Remember that there are differences in the compatibility of BMW interfaces with mobile devices. Your device’s hardware and software features have an essential role to play. Thus, always check for compatibility to avoid potential issues.

To check for BMW updates:

Step 1: Visit this page.

Step 2: Scroll down toward the middle of the page and enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in your vehicle registration documents.

Step 3: You will see the option Search for updates right under it.

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