Can Someone See Story After You Unhide Them on Instagram?

Social media platforms like Instagram are riddled with puzzles. Regardless of how long we use it, there will always be a mystery to solve. Today, we will discuss the hide story feature on Instagram. We all press the hide button once in a while, but why?

can someone see story after you unhide them on instagram

Most of the time, we want unwanted eyeballs to stay away from our wild stories. After all, who wants to give those nosy cousins a reason to spill our secrets?

So, it’s like a pause you get without blocking the person. Now, the question about this feature is: what happens when you unhide them?

Can someone see the story after you unhide them on Instagram? Let’s go right in, as we will share all the details.

Can someone see story after you unhide them on Instagram?

When we share stories on Instagram, most of us have frequently kept at least some part of our followers in the dark. Now, you can definitely go ahead and unhide them if you’ve changed your mind.

To answer your question, once you unhide someone on Instagram, they regain access to your previously hidden stories. Unhiding restores their visibility to the stories you share. Thanks to your actions, they will be able to see your stories like any other followers you have.

How to hide and unhide a story on Instagram?

For any of you wondering about this feature, you don’t have to worry; we have something for you, too. Below, we’ve covered how to hide and then unhide your Instagram story. Thus, if you require some help, please follow the instructions.

Here’s how you hide your story from people on your Instagram:

Step 1: Open Instagram and select the Your Story icon located in the upper left corner.

Alternatively, click on the + icon at the bottom navigation bar and go to Story.

Step 2: Did you see the Gear icon in the screen’s upper-right corner? Click on it to open your Camera settings.

Step 3: The Story option is right at the top of the page. Give it a tap.

Step 4: In the Viewing tab next, you have the option to Hide Story From.

Click on the People option under it.

Step 5: Now, on this page, you see the list of users with small circles next to their names. Go to the target user and Tap the Circle.

The circle will have a checkmark, indicating they won’t be able to see your stories for now.

Moving forward, let’s address unhiding people from your stories. Follow steps 1-4 from above and then follow the one discussed below.

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Scroll through the list of users you have hidden your stories from.

They are at the top of the user list.

Step 2: Now, find the user(s) you wish to unhide your story from.

Use the search icon at the top to enter their names if you have many users here.

Step 3: Once you find the user, simply tap the Checkmark icon next to their names.

That’s it, you have successfully unhidden your stories from the user.

Here’s the thing: even after unhiding someone on Instagram, a lot of you still hope that the person in question doesn’t see your story. Are you one of them?

If that’s the case, you better delete those stories from your profile before unhiding them. But if deleting those stories is out of the question, we have other ways to prevent those users from seeing it. Scroll down and continue reading to learn more about this amazing Instagram feature.

How do you create a close friends list on Instagram?

On Instagram, the aim for many creators is to gain thousands or even hundreds of thousands of followers. However, amidst all the fanfare and business, we still want some of our moments to be shared with a few people we trust.

Even if you have a private Instagram with only your friends and family, you can still crave intimacy. It happens to a lot of us.

Now, you can still make your Instagram stories selectively visible without using the hide story feature. When you select this feature, only the people from your close inner circle you’ve handpicked will see your stories. Sounds cool, right?

Would you like to know how to pick a select few people to stay on your list of close friends and get an exclusive entry pass to your Instagram stories? Please go through the steps that we have outlined below.

Here’s how to create a Close friends list on Instagram:

Step 1: Launch Instagram and press the + icon at the bottom.

Step 2: Choose Story, then select Settings.

Step 3: Locate and choose the Story option from the Camera settings page.

Step 4: Select the 0 people option listed under the Close friends category.

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