How to Remove Rotoscope Filter on TikTok and Snapchat

TikTok is currently among the most widely used social networking apps. The app has captured the hearts of the younger generation with its video-style content ever since its inception. We all know TikTok and its obsession with trying out new filters that instantly become viral on every other social media, right? So, the app always keeps its users interested, whether it be through the launch of a new filter or an app upgrade.

remove rotoscope filter on tiktok

And the filter known as rotoscope is one of the current rages on the platform. The fact that creators can’t get enough of this rotoscoping craze keeps has made the filter more popular.

Anybody who is using this filter on the app is earning many more views than the typical number of interactions they used to receive on their TikTok videos. So, we all agree to use the filter at least once while using the app, right?

What if, though, you are not happy with the way your video turned out? Do you believe you can get rid of the filter from the platform? And if so, how should you do it?

Well, we are going to discuss this in the blog today. So, stay with us through the finish to learn more about it.

How to Remove Rotoscope Filter on TikTok

At this point, you must be familiar with the rotoscope filter that has recently grown in popularity if you use TikTok. More TikTokers are using this particular filter than ever before. The feature’s primary objective is to turn you into a colorful cartoon figure when you are recording on the app.

A TikToker can be stark naked on the platform when they use the filter on their body, but nobody can actually see that they aren’t clothed. You would only see the vibrant outlines of that person as they move.

There are, of course, users of the application who desire to remove this feature. So, we’ll go through how to remove the rotoscope filter on TikTok in this section.

To begin, we must assure you that TikTok will not permit you to remove the filters if your clip has already been posted. There hasn’t been a version of this upgrade for the app as of yet. We must also let you know that you cannot remove the filter from someone else’s video.

However, if you haven’t yet shared the video to the app and it is still being edited, TikTok enables you to remove this filter. So, if you want to remove this filter from your clips, do it before releasing the video to TikTok. We will assist you if you are unsure of how to remove the filter from the video clips.

You must first need to pull out the video clip if you have already started editing it or if it is still in your drafts. So, you have the choice to go and select the Effects option after you are finished filming and stop your clip.

In the end, you must select the cancel icon or the drop symbol. This cancel icon is positioned on the left side of the screen. Tapping on the cancel icon means the rotoscope filter will instantly be removed from the app.

In the end

Let us talk about what we’ve learned today as we come to the end of this blog. So, today’s primary topic of our discussion was how to remove TikTok’s rotoscope filter.

We went over the steps you might need to take in order to delete the filter from your TikTok account. Additionally, we showed you how to add the rotoscope filter to your TikTok video.

So, did our response ease your concerns over the most recent TikTok craze, rotoscope? Please share your thoughts in the comment down below.

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