How to Refresh Quick Add on Snapchat

Snapchat is an app that contains a world of visually appealing filters to play with. Moreover, the application has undergone substantial changes since its release, all while keeping in mind its user base. You must know that if you download the app, you have unlocked the door to a lifetime of fun with your friends. This zippy social media site has a unique look and offers a plethora of choices for adding friends. This blog will discuss the Quick Add feature, which, if you ask us, is perfect for boosting your Snapchat network.

refresh quick add on snapchat

But lately, a lot of you have been wondering how to refresh your quick add on Snapchat, and the news has reached us too. Of course, we wouldn’t want to keep you out of the loop in this regard. So, we have put together this blog exclusively to let you know how to refresh it.

So, you can stop your search for the answers here and instead read the blog to clear your doubts. Let us get started right away!

How to Refresh Quick Add on Snapchat

We are going to focus on Snapchat’s quick add feature and how to refresh it in this section. Let us first discuss whether you know what the Snapchat quick add feature actually does.

No matter how intimate or different Snapchat is as compared to other social media giants like Facebook or Instagram, it believes in connections. The platform gives you a number of alternatives for adding friends and communicating with them via snaps in order to keep streaks going.

Although, if you ask us, adding friends to the app has never been tricky. But it has definitely been simpler since the quick add function was launched.

So, this feature becomes useful when you need to make friends on the platform but are oblivious to their phone number or snapcode. You can guess that if Snapchat is actually recommending you some random people on their own, they must have some link with you, right? There are a lot of mutual friends and even friends of friends if you look at the list of people on the Quick Add list.

Finding the Quick add section is actually an easy feat, in case you didn’t already know. But if you haven’t come across it already, please tap on your bitmoji/profile icon at the upper left corner of your Snapchat screen first. You will note a Friends category under which Add Friends option stays at the top. You should tap on it and go down to find the Quick Add section.

Now let us talk about how you can refresh the Quick add on Snapchat if you wish to do it. People refresh their quick add section for a lot of reasons. You might be bored looking at the same dull friend’s suggestions and wish to get new ones. Or perhaps you simply wish to find someone through this feature on Snapchat.

We have to tell you that this option might come in handy on both of these occasions and a lot more. So, follow the steps we have outlined below for you down below.

Steps to refresh quick add on Snapchat:

Step 1: Open Snapchat on your phone (either iPhone or Android).

Step 2: You need to tap on your Profile/Bitmoji icon positioned at the top left corner.

refresh quick add on snapchat

Step 3: Is there a Gear icon present at the top right corner of your profile page? Tap on it to head to the Settings page.

refresh quick add on snapchat

Step 4: Scroll down through the options to find the Account Actions section seated at the bottom of the page. Please tap on the Clear Cache option under it.

refresh quick add on snapchat

Step 5: You will receive a clear cache prompt. Select Continue to proceed.

refresh quick add on snapchat

Step 6: Snapchat might send you a pop-up to restart your app. So, tap on Ok if you receive it.

If you don’t, though, you can restart your app and check to see if the Quick Add list has been refreshed afterward.

Please be aware that having fewer friends on the app may be the cause if it still doesn’t get refreshed. So, we would suggest you add more friends and turn on your Contact Syncing option from the Account Actions section as well.

In the end

As we have reached the end of today’s blog, let us discuss the key points that we discovered. So, we addressed how to refresh quick add on Snapchat.

We talked about what this Quick add feature on Snapchat is before going to explain how to refresh this feature on the platform.

We also gave you a detailed step guide to refresh the feature if you face challenges in doing it. Hopefully, the steps will help you gain new friend suggestions on the app.

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