What Happens if You Send a Snap to Someone Who Deleted You

Presently, social media has a substantial influence on people’s lives, and it also has a boatload of advantages. You can establish meaningful relations and even turn perfect strangers into lasting best friends. They are, therefore, a perfect way to meet many of our basic human needs.

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Regardless of the social media platforms you use, networking is something we all do. We add, follow, and send friend requests to users in order to build a robust friend community in the online space.

If we are to name one social media where we love to connect, it has to be Snapchat. The app has a certain charm while being different from many other dominant social networking platforms. There is no going back once you’ve mastered it.

You can connect with friends or even complete strangers on the platform and subscribe to frequent users or well-known celebrities! There are no comments, likes, or reactions on the site because there isn’t a feed for you to look through. However, you can share stories and send snaps to individual people.

But can you still send a snap to people who have deleted you on the app?

This blog is for you if, after using the platform for a long, you still don’t know the answer. So, if you want to learn everything about it, sit back and read through to the end.

What Happens if You Send a Snap to Someone Who Deleted You

In any case, to directly answer your question, the snaps you send them won’t show up in their chats! So, if the person who deleted you wants to see your snap, they must add you again. There is no other way they can view your snaps on their chat box.

But in your case, you will still be able to view someone on Snapchat who deletes you if they are one of your contacts. You have the option to add them back even. Therefore, there is no problem on your end with respect to this or sending them snaps.

Additionally, until and unless the person adds you back on Snapchat, your Snapchat will remain pending on the chats if their privacy control is set to friends.

can you send snaps to someone who deleted you

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