PayPal Vs POLi: Comparison of Payment Systems for Gaming

Payment systems using digital currencies are becoming increasingly popular across the globe. In particular, online gambling is extremely popular using this payment method. When you pay online with different vendors, you can use it for free.

Various gambling websites use PayPal for their deposits, as it has become one of their most popular deposit methods. Online casinos worldwide are among those that leverage this banking option for their deposits and withdrawals. Gamblers select casino that accepts PayPal deposits since they are instant and safe. This method is also popular in sportsbooks, restaurants, and other venues.

Deposits made via POLi online casinos are an exceptional method of funding online gaming accounts in 2023 for players in New Zealand and several other countries. You can play your favourite games with POLi no matter what your style is. Its main selling point is its no-registration nature, and the only thing you need is a bank account.

To select POLi as a payment method, simply select the cashier page once you have registered an account at one of our shortlisted casinos. Decide how much real money you wish to deposit in your home bank after selecting it from the list. Once the transaction is complete, you will be automatically redirected to your bank’s website to complete it.

Pros and Cons of PayPal

Millions of consumers use the PayPal platform around the world, making it possible for retailers to reach millions of customers. In today’s society, consumers want to enjoy the convenience of online retail shopping. PayPal is the most trusted and accessible method of online payments, even though there are other online payment providers. Here’s what’s good and bad about PayPal:

Advantages of PayPal

  • It is easy to transfer money from some apps to PayPal and it is extremely convenient to use this method whether you are purchasing items online or setting up a business account.
  • Viewing your transactions on your transaction page is a simple process.
  • Moreover, PayPal has a built-in encryption system that protects customer and merchant data to a high degree of security.
  • A mobile version of PayPal is available, along with the same easy-to-use desktop application.
  • There are fees associated with PayPal. Money sent to a friend or relative is not subject to those fees and can be sent for free.
  • Availability of various low deposit bonus offers at online casinos that use PayPal.
  • Loyal PayPal customers receive special discounts on their online shopping.

Disadvantages of PayPal

  • For personal use PayPal is free, but for business purposes, the company is charged to pay fees.
  • Your business could be devastated if PayPal freezes your account without warning.
  • You may be charged a transaction fee by your bank if you transfer funds from PayPal to your bank account.
  • Phishing and scams targeting PayPal are common.

Pros and Cons of POLi Pay

POLi Pay is a secure and convenient online payment method that allows users to pay for goods and services directly from their bank account. However, POLi Pay is only available in a limited number of countries, and it does not offer any buyer protection.

Advantages of POLi Pay

  • Users of POLi can find it easy to deposit instantaneously, without holdings or formal approvals.
  • Transaction fees are not charged by POLi for any deposits.
  • Players do not need to worry about security, as it is one of the very few safe methods of payment obtainable.
  • Transaction receipts are provided instantly by POLi to confirm successful deposits.
  • Rather than requiring a credit or debit card, POLi is mostly used to transfer funds from NZ bank accounts.
  • You can carry out your transactions anonymously if you use POLi.

Disadvantages of POLi Pay

  • POLi, like other free online options, can only be used by those living in Australia, New Zealand, and the US.
  • Due to the non-reversible nature of POLi, users must take special care when making payments.
  • There isn’t a simple way to make a withdrawal with POLi as there is for a deposit.


Gaming sites offering PayPal as a payment method are considered holy grail sites. It is not easy to find these products, but when you do you can save a lot of money and time. PayPal casinos are online gaming platforms that accept payments and withdrawals through one of the most widely used payment providers.

Online casinos have grown to an unprecedented level in 2023. As a result, not every casino you find offers $1 deposits, high level of quality or considers your general interests. Now whether you use POLi or PayPal there would always be a bright side as well as cons to watch out for.

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