Best Marketplaces To Buy And Sell Instagram Accounts

An Instagram account is now a must for businesses, especially small ones. Using Instagram, you can reach over 47% of the world’s active smartphone users and convert your niche audience into loyal customers.

No matter whether you want to sell your product or work as an affiliate marketer or an influencer, gaining more followers can significantly increase your income. The thing is that gaining organic niche followers is a challenging task. Sometimes it takes months or years to build an online identity and encourage niche users to follow your account.

That’s why many users, including my friends, try buying existing high-quality accounts with many organic followers. This way, you’ll spend less time attracting audiences because you’ll instantly obtain thousands of followers.

The question is how? You’ll probably face trouble if you’re looking for sellers on forums or contacting them directly via their accounts. I know countless IG account buyers who complain of scammers. So if you want a secure account transfer, think of a legit Instagram account broker.

Fortunately, several valid websites simplify Instagram account trade. So I decided to explain my experiences working with these marketplaces and rank them according to their services.

Here are the best marketplaces to buy and sell Instagram accounts.

Social Tradia

Social Tradia is by far the best Instagram account marketplace. This company is in Toronto, Canada, and offers the most unrivaled services for buying and selling Instagram accounts.

Let me explain why this is the best marketplace to buy an Instagram account. First and foremost, Social Tradia will filter all the Instagram accounts for sale before advertising them on the site. This feature is great because you can make sure that you get real followers who are genuinely engaged.

Once a customer makes an offer on any Instagram account, the company will negotiate with the seller, which is also simple.

Another great option is that the company will negotiate with the seller when a customer makes an offer on their Instagram account, which makes the process simple and safe. The customer will get an Invoice for the account once they accept the offer.

Of course, Social Tradia will request that the customer sign a contract before the Instagram account is traded.

If the transfer is not completed within five business days following the payment, Social Tradia provides a 100% refund guarantee. Nonetheless, they are one of the few firms that provide this kind of offer.

Social Tradia lists IG accounts within audience sizes of 2000 – 5000, 5000 – 20,000, and 25,000 – 50,000. This diversity will simplify your job by finding a suitable account for your requirements. There is also a custom order option for anyone unsatisfied with the options provided.

Apart from the number of followers, you must focus on your industry to choose the best account. That’s why Social Tradia categorizes the accounts to let you reach your goal immediately.

Art & gaming, automobiles & cycles, fashion & design, and other industry categories are available on their site. Social Tradia has made discovering the detailed account that fits your demands simple.

To maintain the anonymity of individuals selling their accounts, Social Tradia does not supply usernames. However, they have a verification team that verifies an account’s validity, which makes Social Tradia the safest place to buy Instagram accounts.

Although some sites do not disclose prices for distinct account varieties or pricing plans, Social Tradia does so uniquely.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of buying or selling Instagram accounts using Social Tradia:


  • Ability to search by industry, social media company, and the number of followers
  • The speedy process that lets you know if they have what you need or not
  • Outstanding categorization of Instagram accounts
  • Responsive customer support
  • Secure account transfer


  • It focuses mainly on Instagram accounts (they’ve added TikTok accounts as well.

Accs-Market is also a great social media account broker that offers safe IG account transactions. The company says that they provide the safest account transfer in the world. For example, if the seller does not receive his agreed-upon payment, his account will be returned to him. Also, the buyer has the assurance of receiving complete control over the bought account.

On Accs-Market, you can quickly buy or sell an account on major social platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. They provide a great search filter to find what you need within minutes. You won’t find any problems finding a niche account from this marketplace.


  • Accounts from all social media platforms
  • Competitively pricing
  • Diversity of niches


  • Some serious concerns about Escrow and issues with scammers
  • A lot of small listings – fewer middle to large ones to pick from
  • The quality of listings can vary greatly


Playerup is another platform for buying and selling social media accounts. Apart from Instagram accounts, you can find anything from game accounts to other social networking profiles.

Playerup is an excellent option for businesses that want several accounts on different platforms.

The look of the website is quite professional and specifically designed for gamers. You can read their reviews and make sure about their services.

All you need to do is figure out what industry you want to work in, how many followers you’ll need, and how much money you have. Then, buying an IG account from Playerup is like getting a blow. To view a list of Instagram accounts for sale, try to look at the bottom of the Playerup homepage.

This feature is great for estimating the market and what you can buy with your budget. For instance, a verified Instagram account with about 10K organic followers is around $75.


  • Customer support
  • Safety
  • Diversity of platforms


  • Long delivery period


Fameswap has always been among the best platforms for trading social media accounts, especially Instagram accounts. It is considered to be one of the top-rated companies in the industry. They can either sell or purchase their Instagram profiles.

Fameswap has a diverse clientele base, from small enterprises looking to construct or enhance their social media presence to well-established firms seeking to increase their presence.

They claim to be the most prominent and fastest-growing website for purchasing social media accounts. Social media managers, companies, and marketing agencies have purchased thousands of Instagram accounts using this platform. It’s safe to assume they know what they’re doing since they’ve been doing it since 2013.

All account listings on Fameswap are double-checked and approved before being published on the marketplace. Fameswap claims to provide a variety of security and safety measures for consumers. Their platform is user-friendly, and you can easily find what you want. They have divided them into categories based on audience size, topic, and time of listing to make account search easier.

Escrow services and affiliate programs are also among the services offered by Fameswap. They also offer trading services for TikTok and YouTube, making them an excellent source for social media accounts.


  • The largest marketplace for social media accounts
  • Secure payment method
  • Responsive customer service


  • No phone support
  • High transaction fees


TooFame has been one of the best marketplaces for almost five years. As a result, you can trust them to find a good account and take control of it.

They’ve made their customers happy; over 2000 people have been satisfied with their service. It should be noted that they have helped over 3000 accounts to grow.

Toofame has an excellent delivery policy and gives you the account within 24 hours after the payment. They only offer Instagram profiles with genuine and organic followers. After that, the accounts are manually checked by their experts.

They have a 7-day money-back policy if a buyer suddenly changes their mind after buying an account. They’ve set up an email support mechanism and additional social media accounts on the website that are easy to locate.


  • Providing multiple pictures for each account gives an insight into the account
  • Great search tool to find accounts
  • 7-day money-back policy


  • Only offers Instagram accounts
  • Weak escrow service


E-flipo is another trusted platform for buying and selling Instagram accounts. Many of their customers have been satisfied with their services, and the platform has many positive reviews.

Apart from trading accounts, they have a great relationship with influencers that greatly help you grow your account.

E-flipo has an advanced payment system and ensures safe payment methods. You can see MasterCard and Visa banners to ensure everything is OK. The platform will ensure originality. You can trust this IG account broker no matter if you want to buy or sell your account.


  • User friendly
  • Diversity of IG accounts
  • Safe transactions


  • Customer service


Another place to get Instagram accounts is Surgegram. Surgegram is the best service if you don’t need your account anymore. This platform offers accounts at the lowest price you can expect.

Sellers will list their accounts for sale and ensure suitable buyers find them. Customers may locate suitable purchasers or vendors for Instagram accounts using Surgegram’s secure and straightforward procedures. Surgegram may also assist you in listing or selling your Instagram account if you want to take a break or say goodbye to the app forever. If you have an excellent, active account, Surgegram can also assist you.


  • Great Reviews
  • Large Catalogue of Accounts
  • Buyer Protection
  • Safe Payment Methods
  • Wide Range of Services


  • Only Instagram

Viral Instas

Another marketplace that buys and sells IG accounts with followers ranging from 4K to 251K is Viral Instas.

The good news is that Viral Instas analyzes and assesses the prospective buyer or seller accounts available before you decide to acquire the account. They gather data like how many followers and which posts they are interested in. Viral Instas provides a free audience analysis service that is useful for buyers.


  • Good account analysis
  • Organic followers
  • Good prices


  • Weak customer service

Pvahub is a creative platform that provides services for buying and selling Instagram accounts. This platform offers a smooth and easy user experience because of its user-friendly interface and reliable sellers. Pvahub is among the best choices for people interested in buying or selling an Instagram account. This platform provides a diverse range of account categories, from beauty and fashion to interior design, fitness, and nutrition, to ensure that everyone has a choice when choosing a specific category.

Whether you want to buy an Instagram to gain a larger audience or sell your Instagram account, Pvahub offers different tools and services to make this process as easy as possible. This platform has high value for customers’ expectations and satisfaction and guarantees safe transactions. Pvahub is changing the way people are participating in e-commerce on Instagram.


  • It is Convenient
  • offers competitive prices
  • flexible payment options


  • Slow customer service
  • Lack of specialized tasks

Insta Sale

The last platform on our list is Insta sale, a copy of Social Tradia. If you go to their sites, you’ll see the similarities. It can’t be compared with Social Tradia regarding services and various accounts.

Anyway, it’s one of the fastest-growing networks of accounts for sale. It’s good to look at their offers, but going for Social Tradia is recommended if you want a safe and easy transaction.


  • Fast growth
  • Diversity of accounts


  • Copy of Social Tradia

Final Thoughts

According to my experience, the mentioned sites are the best Instagram account brokers in the world. Whether you want to sell your account or buy an existing account with thousands of followers, you can be sure about the result of working with these platforms. Remember to pay attention to some security points when trading an Instagram account.

You must avoid abrupt changes in the account’s content because it can lead to losing your followers. Also, make sure that you change the email address and phone number to prevent future problems.

Consider several factors when choosing a middleman company to buy an Instagram account. First, the delivery period. If they’re slow, try to avoid working with them. The second factor is safety.

You must ensure the account transfer and the transaction procedure are entirely secure. The third factor is account verification and real followers. Avoid buying any account with lots of followers. You have to make sure that the followers are genuinely engaged. Last but not least, the platform’s popularity in the review sites. Considering these factors, you’ll have a secure account purchase.

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