If You Call Someone on Whatsapp and Instantly Hang Up, Will They Get Missed Call Notification?

It is often said that humans are creatures of mistakes just as much as they are of habits. And indeed, anytime one attempts to learn something new, be it walking on foot or learning to drive a car, mistakes are bound to happen. In fact, it is a mistake here and there that teaches us about what not to do moving forward, which in turn accelerates our growth in the right direction.

if you call someone on whatsapp and instantly hang up, will they get missed call notification

Making mistakes on smartphones, where a mere unintentional click or swipe can do surprising damage, is also quite prevalent among netizens. Be it deleting an important file or calling someone, you cannot always hope to be in full control.

But just how much of this damage can be contained – or better yet – reversed? That’s a tough nut to crack.

In this blog, we’re going to talk about what happens when you call someone on WhatsApp by mistake and hang up immediately. Will it leave a notification or not? Keep reading to find out.

If You Call Someone on Whatsapp and Instantly Hang Up, Will They Get Missed Call Notification?

If you’re wondering whether or not instantly hanging up a call can leave a missed call notification, the first thing you need to figure out is how long a call takes to be sent across on WhatsApp.

And since WhatsApp is an internet-run service, you can already guess the answer: it only takes a couple of milliseconds. So, there’s no point in counting the number of rings or the seconds for which you let the call ring; once you’ve hit the call button, it will go through, even if just for the briefest period.

To sum it up, if you call someone on WhatsApp and instantly hang up, they will still receive a missed call notification about it.

What about if the recipient is offline at the moment?

Now that we’ve understood the general workings of missed calls on WhatsApp let’s dig deeper into the different scenarios of calling on WhatsApp. One such scenario is where the recipient of the call doesn’t have an active internet connection or has turned their internet off.

There’s a wide range of cases where such a thing happens, but our concern is this: If you try calling someone on WhatsApp when they’re offline, will they still get a missed call notification?

The answer to it is yes, they will. Only the notification will arrive on their WhatsApp, not when you’ve sent the call but when they connect to the internet.

So, you see how it works. Once a call has left your device, it will inevitably leave a notification on the recipient’s account, and there’s no way you can take it back.

Will your missed call reflect in their WhatsApp chat window?

This might come as a surprise to some of you, but there are two places where you can find missed call notifications on your WhatsApp.

The first and more obvious location is in the Calls tab, where all your calling history of the platform – be it missed or received voice and video calls – is recorded. Wondering what the second location is? Well, it’s in your Conversation tab with particular users.

As you can imagine, the second one has a narrower scope and functions a bit differently. In your chat with users, you won’t see the record of all calls exchanged between you two, no. It will only show the record of missed calls.

The purpose behind this feature was even if you failed to open the Calls tab and check your missed calls, as you opened your chat to talk to a user, you’d be notified of all or any calls you’ve missed from them.

Does this alert work both ways? Well, it does, but not in the way you’d imagine. Since only the recipient of a missed call needs to be notified about it, these alerts only appear in the chat window of one party.

For instance, if your call was missed by a friend on WhatsApp, its notification will only appear in their chat window and not yours. Similarly, if they’ve left you a missed call, only you will be able to see its alert in your chat window.

Now, coming back to the matter at hand, even if you hand up instantly after calling someone on WhatsApp, they’ll still find its alert, both on their Calls tab as well as their chat window with you.

Can you delete your missed call notification on WhatsApp?

If your curiosity about missed calls on WhatsApp and their notifications has been piqued suddenly, it’s natural to assume that perhaps you’ve found yourself in some sort of pickle involving them.

We wouldn’t want to bring our noses into your business, but if you’ve been looking for a way to remove or delete these notifications, we must inform you beforehand that such a thing is not possible on WhatsApp, at least not unless you have access to their smartphone and can delete it yourself.

What you can do instead is simply explain to them how you hadn’t meant to call them, and it was the result of a mere finger slip. And if the call was sent to someone you no longer talk to, you could also forgo any acknowledgment unless the next person wants to take the first step to talk about it.

Wrapping things up

With this, we’re ready to wrap our blog. Do you want to gather a quick takeaway of what we’ve learned above before we take your leave? Great!

Our discussion today revolved around missed calls on WhatsApp and the notifications they leave behind for the recipient. Then, we address your concern of whether instantly hanging up a WhatsApp call will still leave a missed call notification, only to find out that it would.

Towards the end, we also explored the scenarios where the recipient is offline to learn that it makes no difference to the notifications; only the next person will receive it later.

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