Blocked by Someone on WhatsApp but Still See Their Online Status. How is That Possible?

WhatsApp is the biggest social media messaging service on the market, and it’s one of those few things that no one can say anything bad about. And we mean that! If you don’t trust us, try thinking of any unfixable or unnecessarily problematic feature on WhatsApp. We’re sure you’re going to come up short. It’s not like WhatsApp is a perfect platform; it’s not easy to maintain it on such a large scale without the occasional bug and complaint. However, what matters is how the platform fixes it and how efficient it is.

blocked by someone on whatsapp but still see their online status. how is that possible

For example, a group of users was getting tired of their read receipts showing. But most users didn’t mind it or were in support of the feature due to its convenience. Bear in mind that at any given time, there are at least ten replacements for WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and other famous social media apps.

So, WhatsApp needed to find an answer that satisfied both groups of users without bringing in any negative feedback. They accomplished this by rolling out one of the best features of all time: the option to turn off read receipts on WhatsApp.

You see, when people don’t agree on something, sometimes all you can do is give them an option! Now, those who turn off their read receipts cannot see other users’ receipts, even if the users haven’t turned those off. So, all in all, we’d say this was a pretty good decision, don’t you think?

Another stellar example of proper management and hard work was applied to WhatsApp’s group capacity. Initially, the platform only allowed 100 users in a group. And while that’s still a lot, it wasn’t enough to accommodate classrooms, board meetings, and corporate workspaces, which were needed during the pandemic.

WhatsApp saved us in the hour of need by increasing that capacity to 256, then 512, and finally, 1024, which is the current capacity. You could fit your whole neighborhood and the nearby suburbs in one WhatsApp group!

Today’s blog will discuss how it is possible for you to see someone’s online status even though you know they’ve blocked you.

Blocked by Someone on WhatsApp but Still See Their Online Status. How is That Possible?

Before we proceed, we’d like you to read that question in your mind real nice and slow one more time. What do you think the answer could be to this question? Let us know in the comments before reading the next line!

How is it possible that you can see someone’s online status even though they’ve blocked you? Well, the answer is that it’s not possible at all. WhatsApp has never slacked off on user security, and it isn’t going to start now. It’s not possible to see someone’s online status while they’ve blocked you.

If you can see someone’s online status on WhatsApp, it means they haven’t blocked you. There’s no other explanation to it, nor do you need one; it’s simple as day!

Here’s what happens when someone blocks you on WhatsApp

When someone blocks you on WhatsApp, the platform tries to sever all of your bonds without making it obvious to the one you or the blocked user.

You cannot see the blocker’s display picture, bio, status updates, last seen, and online status. There’s no way for you to contact them by messaging, audio, or video calling them. You also cannot add them to a conference video or audio call.

The messages you’ll send them will be marked with only a grey tick. WhatsApp messages are marked with one grey tick when sent, two grey ticks when delivered, and two blue ticks when they’ve been read.

If they’ve turned off their read receipts, the two blue ticks will never appear in your chats. All you can do is see the two grey ticks and their online status/last seen and hope they’ve seen the message.

Most of these obvious signs can all happen for different reasons as well. Maybe they became upset and immediately removed their display picture and bio. This would mean they might become more inactive on WhatsApp, so you cannot see any updates or online status.

If your messages to them only get one grey tick, it could mean one of you has a weak or unstable internet connection. Or, maybe they haven’t checked their phone in a while. They could even have uninstalled WhatsApp from their smartphone, which would strengthen this theory further.

So, as you can tell, there’s no way for you to see someone’s online status unless they’ve unblocked you. To verify this theory, check out if you can see their display picture, bio, and status updates. If you send them a message, are those getting delivered? These couple of tips can go a long way.

Closing thoughts

As our blog is at its end, we’d like to quickly review all the points discussed today.

WhatsApp is very careful with its users’ privacy, so it’s not possible to see someone’s online status while they’ve blocked you. In a nutshell, it means that they’ve unblocked you, but you just don’t know it yet. This is understandable since you’re not creepy, and WhatsApp doesn’t notify users when they’ve been unblocked.

If you’ve got any questions regarding this topic, let us know in the comments; we’re here to help you, after all!

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