If You Add Someone on Snapchat and Quickly Unadd Them, Do They Notified?

Mistakes are inevitable. Regardless of how good you are at something or how many times you have practiced the task at hand, a mistake can find its way nevertheless. We commit so many mistakes every day that wrongly adding someone on Snapchat doesn’t even count. After all, there are way too many people on Snapchat and so few names. How are we supposed to identify who is who? There is not much to worry about, though. Snapchat provides us with the option to undo the mistake. Unadding a person is just as easy as adding them.

if you add someone on snapchat and quickly unadd them, do they notified

So, if you have accidentally made someone your friend on Snapchat, unfriending them is never an issue.

However, it can seem a bit awkward if you care about what the other person will think, even more so if you know the person. And you would not want them to know of your silly mistake. But is that possible?

Do you want to know whether a Snapchatter gets notified when you add and unadd them? Keep reading to discover answers and know more about Snapchat’s unsaid rules.

What happens when you add someone as a friend on Snapchat?

Snapchat is largely about connecting with friends and making new ones. In fact, making friends is the foundation on which most of our Snapchat experience stands. From chatting with them to sharing snaps and stories with them, friends make Snapchat the cool platform it is.

Therefore, when you add someone as a friend on Snapchat, it’s an important action. As a result, Snapchat sends a notification to the person you have added. This is one of the unsaid rules of Snapchat, and it’s one of those rules that never change. So, whenever you add someone, the other user gets notified.

Can you add someone without sending them a notification?

Now, we know there are many ways to add someone as a friend on Snapchat. You can add someone from the Quick Add list. You can add friends by searching for their usernames or scanning Snapcodes. Or you can also add them from your contacts by going to the My Contacts list in the Add Friends section.

These different ways might make you wonder, “Is there a way to silently add someone on Snapchat?”

The answer is plain and simple: No. It doesn’t matter how you add someone on Snapchat; a notification is always sent to the added person. The person can click on the notification to see you in the Added Me list and respond to your request.

If You Add Someone on Snapchat and Quickly Unadd Them, Do They Notified?

Snapchat sends a notification whenever you add someone. But what happens if you unadd them quickly afterward?

Well, Snapchat doesn’t send any notification if you unadd someone. After all, being unadded by someone is not something you usually want to be notified about. And therefore, Snapchat– like most other platforms, for that matter– does not notify the person if you unadd them.

But then, if you remove someone almost immediately after adding them, what happens to the earlier notification? Does it get removed? Does it vanish from the app as if nothing ever happened at all?

Unfortunately, no. That’s not how notifications work on Snapchat. When you receive a notification on the app, it gets stored as app data in the phone. And once the notification is received on the phone, it doesn’t vanish even if you unadd the person quickly after adding them.

However, the earlier notification becomes void after you unadd the person. Adding on the notification will open the Add Friends section. But the Added Me list won’t contain your name as you have removed them. Therefore, the person might never find you.

However, they can see your name in the notification message itself. So, if the person knows you, they might be able to tell that it was indeed you.

There is another possibility:

We have already answered the primary question and told you how the person might know your name through the notification even if you unadd them. But what if we tell you there is another possibility?

Actually, it is possible that the person you added (and unadded) will never know you had ever added them. They might open their Snapchat account as usual and carry on snapping at their existing friends.

But how? And when?

This happens when the person is not logged into their Snapchat account. Since they are not logged into their account, they don’t receive any notification. And interestingly, if you unadd them before they log into their account, the notification never lands on their account!

In other words, you can go completely unnoticed by the user you added if they are not logged into their account. Not that it matters much since you don’t know whether they are logged in. However, they might still get an email.

Wrapping up

Since we have talked a lot about this simple topic, let’s end the blog by recapping everything we just discussed.

When you add someone on Snapchat, the person gets a notification. When you unadd them, they don’t get any notification whatsoever. Even if you unadd a Snapchatter just after adding them, the notification doesn’t go away but remains there on the user’s phone.

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