If Someone is Muted on Whatsapp, Will They See You Viewed Their Status Updates?

How many of you would prefer not to check status updates on WhatsApp? We mean, weren’t stories enough on Instagram and Snapchat that we need to interact with these on WhatsApp as well? Well, we understand your mild annoyance and are feeling it mildly ourselves, but the introduction of the muting feature has been a huge help. Using this setting, you can simply shut out the corny updates you’d rather not see automatically.

if someone is muted on whatsapp, will they see you viewed their status updates

It’d be even better if WhatsApp didn’t place the Muted Updates section right below the normal one, though. At times some of us can trip up and open a box of pandora – or an update, in this case – that we might regret later on.

In today’s blog, we’ll explore the scope of visibility of the muted status updates, and what they look like to the next party. Let’s get started!

Two kinds of Mute on WhatsApp

So, we understand that your question is about people knowing if you viewed their status updates if you’ve muted them on the platform. Before we get to the answer to that, you have to be more specific.

Wondering what we mean? Well, you must be familiar with how there are two kinds of muting features available on the platform: one for messages, and the other for status updates.

Both functions kind of work the same way, only in different places. Anyhow, since you’re concerned about them having seen you viewed their status updates, it’s perhaps the second kind of muting that you were talking about.

Now, let’s move ahead to some answers!

If Someone is Muted on Whatsapp, Will They See You Viewed Their Status Updates?

If this question often crosses your mind, it could be because you’re a little unclear about the functioning of muting. Like you said, if you’ve muted their status updates, it means that their status updates will not appear in your Status tab. Well, at least not with the other updates.

It’ll be sent down to a separate Muted Updates section placed at the bottom of the tab. And it is only when you scroll down here specifically and tap their status open that you’d be able to see it.

Now, we told you how you could view a status update after having muted it – we’re guessing you’ve done something like this already.

But here’s the important part: You having muted their status updates makes no changes to their ability to see your views on them. In other words, as soon as you view their updates, your name will show up in their Viewers list, regardless of whether you’ve muted them or not.

We hope we were able to articulate that well enough for you. Having said that, we must also bring your attention to the fact that hiding your views from the Viewers list of other people’s status updates is completely possible on WhatsApp.

No, we’re not kidding! There is a way of watching all the updates of your friends without them ever finding out that you did. Imagine how liberating it’d feel to see all stories without feeling burdened to respond or react because nobody knows you actually saw them.

All they’ll think is that perhaps you’re prioritizing real life over social media. Now isn’t that a win-win? Keep reading to find out more about this trick.

Here’s how you can hide your views from their status updates:

So, we know the trick sounds too good to be true right now. Allow us to reveal some more information about how it works, and you’ll find it to be more believable.

First things first, the trick we’re talking about is turning your Read Receipts off on WhatsApp. The primary function of this setting is to get rid of those blue ticks that pressurize users into responding instantly. Being hidden from the Viewers list of other people’s status updates is more like an added bonus to this feature.

But here’s where things get interesting; this trick works like a double-edged sword. When it hides blue ticks from your messages, it won’t show you blue ticks on other people’s messages, either. Similarly, if you keep hiding from the Viewers list of other users’ statuses, they won’t show up on your list either.

If that’s the bargain you’re willing to make, you can go ahead and enable the setting for your account. It’s located on the Privacy tab within Settings.

A Quick Recap

Now that it’s time for us to wrap things up, we’d like to take you on a quick recap tour of everything we learned above.

The subject of our conversation today was the muting feature on WhatsApp; the muting of someone’s status updates, to be more specific. We explored whether the person you muted would be able to know you watched their story or not; only to find that they could.

Muting only prevents you from seeing their updates, and not them from knowing that you saw them. Then, we talked about the Read Receipt feature, which can do the trick, and explained how it works.

Got more questions about status updates on WhatsApp? Hit us up in the comments section below!

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