If Someone Disappears from Quick Add on Snapchat, Does That Mean They Removed You from their Quick Add?

Snapchat’s Quick Add list is the best way to find new friends on the platform. Whether you have just started using the platform or have been using it for years, the Quick Add list can help you widen your network and meet new people you might already know. The people who appear on your Quick Add list are displayed based on various factors that make up Snapchat’s suggestion algorithm. The algorithm decides which person might be your potential friend or acquaintance and shows you the accounts that fit the algorithmic criteria.

if someone disappears from quick add on snapchat, does that mean they removed you from their quick add

But sometimes, you might notice that an account previously visible on your Quick Add is no longer there. This might make you wonder why the person disappeared and whether you can bring them back.

Why does a person disappear from your Quick Add? Is it because they removed you from their Quick Add? Or is it because of something else?

Let’s understand the Quick Add list in depth and answer these pressing questions that might be wandering inside your head.

Quick Add list 101: How does it work?

The Quick Add list on Snapchat is a basic networking feature that allows users to discover each other without searching for them manually. It is Snapchat’s way of introducing you to people you might know in real life.

The Quick Add list might seem simple enough, but it is prepared specifically for your account by a set of criteria that determine whether an account is a potential match for your account. It is, therefore, essential to understanding how the Quick Add list works before diving into your question.

How is the list prepared?

Your Quick Add list on Snapchat is personally curated for you! It depends on a set of criteria aimed at connecting you with people you already know or people you would like to know.

But how does Snapchat decide which people to show and which ones to exclude?

It depends on several factors. Obviously, Snapchat doesn’t disclose the exact algorithm. Not that it is so simple to be understood by everyone, either.

Contacts and Friends:

Your contacts and friends play the most significant role in determining what your Quick Add list looks like. These two factors alone are responsible for most of the suggestions on Quick Add.

Here’s one way Snapchat might use your friend list to show you suggestions:

The algorithm goes through your friend list and compares it with the friend lists of millions of other users who are on Snapchat. Out of these millions of users, it shortlists the accounts that share some of your friends.

The accounts with the most mutual friends appear near the top, and those with fewer friends end up toward the bottom of the list.

This is just one way of finding and arranging people on Quick Add. A similar method can be applied to use your contacts for suggestions.

Location and other factors:

Besides these two factors, your location might also play a vital role in curating your Quick Add. People who live near you might appear above those who live further away.

The above descriptions are oversimplified to give you a general understanding of the basics of the Quick Add list. In reality, the algorithm is a complex mechanism where innumerable other factors come into play for giving you the best possible friend suggestions.

If Someone Disappears from Quick Add on Snapchat, Does That Mean They Removed You from their Quick Add?

We just told you how people are included in your Quick Add list on Snapchat. However, we haven’t told you how and why people get removed from the list.

Therefore, if you notice that a person has suddenly disappeared from your Quick Add list, several thoughts might come to mind. You might wonder if this disappearance is because of the person removing you from their Quick Add list. Is that true?

Not quite.

Your Quick Add list is dynamic. In other words, it keeps changing based on the algorithm. This means new suggestions will appear, and old suggestions will disappear.

Depending on changing scenarios, your Quick Add list changes accordingly. Therefore, people who appear at the top right now might fall below tomorrow, and people at the bottom might appear a bit higher. New people can appear, and old ones might disappear.

If someone appears in your Quick Add, it doesn’t necessarily mean you also appear in their list! And if they hide you from their list, your Quick Add list does not necessarily change.

Why does someone disappear from your Quick Add list?

If it is not because they removed you from their list, why did they disappear from your list?

You might be surprised, but it is most likely because of you, not the other person.

Reason 1: It’s because of you

Snapchat wants you to show relevant suggestions. So, if you don’t add people who appear on your list for a long time, the algorithm considers them irrelevant suggestions. Therefore, those suggestions might drop to the bottom or disappear completely!

Your Quick Add list largely depends on your account and your activities, not the activities of others. Therefore, this is the most likely reason behind a person’s removal from your Quick Add.

Reason 2: It’s the algorithm

The other reason is the set of several other factors. If the person no longer fits the criteria to appear in your Quick Add, they might disappear altogether. Perhaps they deleted their account, unfriended some mutual friends, or deleted some of their contacts.

In either case, if the algorithm decides the person is no longer a good fit for you, they disappear from your Quick Add.

Reason 3: It’s the other person

Snapchat allows its users to opt out of the Quick Add feature. This doesn’t mean they removed the Quick Add list from their account– that’s impossible. Rather, it means they don’t want to appear in someone else’s Quick Add list.

If the person opted out of Quick Add suggestions, they won’t appear in anyone’s Quick Add and would get removed from all the lists they are in. Though this is not a very common reason, it can be true.

A rarer reason can be that the person blocked you on Snapchat. If they do that, they won’t appear in your Quick Add, and you won’t appear in theirs.

These are the three most common reasons why someone might disappear from your Quick Add. Therefore, if you notice someone missing from your list, know it is because of one of the reasons we discussed above.

A quick recap

The Quick Add list on Snapchat is the most efficient and easiest way of making new friends on the platform. Every Snapchatter is aware of the feature, but not many know how it works.

In this blog, we have tried to explain how the Quick Add list works and what factors determine the people who appear on your list. Moreover, we have also discussed why someone might disappear from your Quick Add list on Snapchat.

Therefore, the next time a friend asks you why a person disappeared from their Quick Add on Snapchat, just share this blog with them!

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