If Someone Blocked Me on Snapchat Can i Still Message Them?

Cool and personal are the two qualities that best describe the social networking application Snapchat. You have access to a ton of fun features and filters on this platform!  You can say goodbye to browsing through your newsfeed to see other people’s lives that you are utterly uninterested in. Instead, you can send your friends any private messages you like by adding them to your contacts. Just create a Snapchat story if you really want to share something with the public.

if someone blocked you on snapchat, can you still message them

The shady side of the internet has also broken through Snapchat’s defenses, no matter how amazing it is. We know you are wondering why we are saying this.

Well, sometimes, the relationship with people may turn sour whether you like it or not, right? They may be obsessed with cluttering your conversation with bizarre shots you don’t really want to see, or you might have had a conflict. And, the block button seems alluring when these things become too much, isn’t that right?

People can block each other for any reason or for no reason at all on the platform. And if they have blocked you, this can make you wonder if you can still message them. However, it does make it hurt any less, no matter the reason, if you are on the receiving end of this feature.

Well, what do you think is the answer to this question? Well, we will cover this question in today’s blog. So, let us get started right away to know more!

If Someone Blocked Me on Snapchat Can i Still Message Them?

It’s common to block someone on Snapchat and have them block you in return. In fact, if you’ve used the app for a while, you’ve probably already had this experience.

However, there are situations when people you consider friends may block you, and you won’t even know it for quite a while. Snapchat doesn’t alert you to the same, and you don’t try to find out either. Yet, you may be curious if you have a sneaking suspicion that they may have blocked you.

You might come up with an answer to the matter, and talking is always the first step! This takes us to the topic of our discussion today. So, is it possible to text that friend who has blocked you on the Snapchat app?

Well, we are sorry for bursting your bubble, but you cannot message anyone who has blocked you on Snapchat. Besides, there is almost no chance of finding them through your chat history. We say so because that information would also be wiped when someone blocks you on Snapchat.

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