If i Add a Contact on Telegram Will They Know?

Instant messaging apps, like Telegram, have made adding contacts and initiating conversations easier! With a few taps, you can expand your network, build new friendships and even strengthen the existing ones. You can chat with individuals about your hobbies and passions, receive help with tasks, or watch the newest movie. Yes, the app has it all.

if i add a contact on telegram will they know

However, users, especially newcomers, have doubts about several platform features. Recently, a lot of people have had questions about adding contacts to Telegram.

The pressing question is, “If I add a contact on Telegram, will they know?” Let’s dive into the details to ensure you understand this topic.

If I Add a Contact on Telegram Will They Know?

There is no way for users of Telegram to see who has added their contact. Thus, others are unable to see if they are on your contact list or anybody else’s, for that matter!

Now, for certain users, the absence of this feature might potentially lead to issues, especially if they start receiving strange texts from unfamiliar numbers. But wait, there’s more!

We’ll discuss two methods for letting people know whether you’ve added them as a contact on the platform. Are you eager to learn about it? You must dive deep into the next section straight away.

Method 1: You use WhatsApp

Contrary to Telegram, WhatsApp gives clues and allows you to see who has added you to their contacts. So, it is simpler for the other person to determine whether you have saved their contact when you use WhatsApp as your primary communication tool.

Do you want to know how this works? Well, be sure to go through the step-by-step instructions below to better understand it.

Steps to check if someone has added you on WhatsApp:

Step 1: Type in the person’s name and phone number in your contact book and save it.

Step 2: Run your WhatsApp Messenger on the device.

Step 3: The three vertical dot icon is at the top right corner. Please tap it to get the menu of options.

if i add a contact on telegram will they know

Step 4: Click New Broadcast under the New Group option.

if i add a contact on telegram will they know

Step 5: You must now choose the person in question with one additional user.

Step 6: Click the tick mark at the bottom right corner to create your broadcast list.

if i add a contact on telegram will they know

Step 7: After that, you need to type a message and click send.

if i add a contact on telegram will they know

Step 8: Return to the WhatsApp chat screen and open the personal chat with the target person.

Now tell us: Is there a single check mark or two check marks on the broadcast message?

It’s the way to check and see if the individual has saved your number in their contacts. They have saved it if you see the double-check marks; otherwise, they haven’t!

Method 2: Ask them directly

Asking the concerned individual is the most reliable way to find out if someone has added you on Telegram. You can simply ask them whether they have your number saved and wait for a response, even if you’re virtually strangers!

You can be sure that they will respond to you if they are your friends. So, when a Telegram user asks if you have saved their contact, they will find out if you respond positively.

How to add a contact on Telegram?

Adding someone’s contact information on the app takes a minute or two. Follow the guidance below if you are unfamiliar with how the steps work.

Steps to add a contact on Telegram:

Step 1: Launch the Telegram app on your phone or tablet to get started.

Step 2: Tap the top left corner’s three horizontal lines.

Step 3: Next, choose Contacts from the left side by clicking on it.

Step 4: There is a + icon at the bottom right corner of the Contact page. Please tap it.

Step 5: A pop-up for a new contact will appear. Fill up this box with the first name (required).

Step 6: You can add the last name (optional) next.

Step 7: Lastly, after entering their cellphone number, you must click the Create Contact option to confirm.

Note that another pop-up will display with the message Invite to Telegram if the recipient is not already a member of the app. You can click on the invite option to invite them through text message or another app.

The bottom line

That’s a wrap, folks; we have neared the end of our discussion. Let’s go through the key ideas we’ve learned so far.

We addressed that if I add a contact on Telegram, will they know? Read the sections because we spoke about it in great detail. Later, we also covered the step-by-step process for adding contacts to the Telegram app.

Do you have any more queries on this subject? Please comment so we can answer all of them.

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