Hyundai Radio Not Working? Try These Fixes

Hyundai cars are known for delivering a near-perfect blend of stunning looks, exceptional performance, and affordability. Be it a short drive to the gym or a long road trip to your vacation destination, Hyundai cars, like other great cars, are equipped with all the basic and complementary features to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. Your Hyundai car can help you do more than drive comfortably from one place to another.

hyundai radio not working

And one of the best accessories to your car is the radio console that lets you enjoy your favorite songs while you drive towards your destination. But sometimes, your car’s radio can behave a bit strangely. Or worse, it might not work at all.

Radio malfunction is a common issue in many Hyundai cars, and it is usually nothing to worry about.

If your Hyundai radio is not working, the reason can be anything from a temporary glitch to a hardware malfunction. And while it might seem best to contact a professional mechanic, you can also fix some of the problems yourself.

And we are here to help you. Read on to know the causes of your malfunctioning Hyundai radio and the corresponding fixes.

Why is your Hyundai radio not working?

There can be many varying reasons behind your Hyundai car’s radio malfunction. And understanding the cause is essential to figure out the correct solution.

So, let’s first dive into the possible causes of the issue:

1. The Fuse is blown

Many times, a blown-out fuse is a culprit behind radio issues in cars. If your car’s radio is not powering up at all, you might need to check the radio’s fuses. Your radio can have one or more fuses depending on your car’s model.

You will generally find the fuse box in your car’s accessory block or the main block. Once you find the fuses, check if the fuse wire is alright. If it is broken, you have caught the culprit.

2. An issue with the speakers

If you see that the radio screen and the buttons are working perfectly, the main problem might be located elsewhere.

To check whether the issue is with your car’s speakers, you can insert an audio CD to play songs. Or you can simply connect your phone to your car through the AUX cable and check if any sound comes from the speakers.

If you find out the speakers are not working, the cause can be busted speakers.

3. Broken cables

Broken cables can also be a possible cause behind your radio malfunction. If one of your cables has been disconnected or broken, you can likely face this issue.

Cable issues can include cables that connect to your radio or even cables that go to the speakers. In other words, any broken, burnt, or disconnected wire from your radio to your car’s speakers can make your radio stop working.

4. A software bug

Your car’s radio runs on software. And due to this, bugs can creep into your system without any apparent reason. A bug can cause several problems, and a radio issue is one of them.

A bug can make your radio stop and start suddenly. Or it can also lead to interrupted sound quality. In any case, it can appear out of nowhere, even if everything else in your car feels right.

5. Outdated software

Outdated software is another common cause of the issue. And this is quite common, especially if your Hyundai car is an old one. Outdated software not only makes your car’s radio susceptible to bugs and glitches but can also cause other software-related issues in your car.

Hyundai radio not working? Try these fixes:

You are now aware of the common causes of a malfunctioning Hyundai radio. Let’s tell you if and how you can fix these issues yourself. Here are some possible solutions to the problems mentioned above:

1. Fix for a blown fuse:

If you have found out that your radio is not working due to a blown fuse, we don’t even need to tell you what to do.

But before replacing the fuse with a new one, make sure to check the Voltage and Current rating of the blown fuse. The new fuse should ideally have the same voltage and current rating. Fuses used in cars are generally rated 32 Volts and 5 A. But you must check the ratings of your Hyundai car’s fuse before looking for a new one.

An incompatible fuse will not only be inefficient at preventing a short circuit but can also be dangerous.

2. Fix for speakers:

If your car’s CD and AUX are not working along with the radio, it likely means the issue is actually with the speakers.

In this case, we don’t recommend personal fixes. It is best to approach a car technician and get the issue fixed by them. They will be able to point out the root cause of the problem and will also fix or replace your speakers with their expertise.

3. Fix for bad cables:

If you have found broken and disconnected cables in your car around the radio, you can attempt to fix them easily but with care.

First of all, kill your car’s power by killing the engine. Some models do not turn off until you get out of the car. To bypass that, just open and close the driver’s door. Once the power is off, you can try connecting any loose cables. Or you can also disconnect and reconnect all the radio cables if that seems doable.

If you are unsure about something, it’s best to contact a professional.

4. Fix for software issues:

There are two ways to resolve software issues. To get rid of a bug, you can try resetting your software or updating it to the latest version.

Reset the car’s software:

You can do two types of resets: soft reset and hard reset.

To do a soft reset, just press the reset button on your vehicle’s touchscreen, and hold for a few seconds until the screen turns off. Then turn it on again.

For hard reset, go to the system’s Menu and enter the Settings section. Select the option of Factory Reset and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the hard reset. All the system settings will be changed to default.

Update the software:

Follow these steps to check your software version and update it if needed:

Step 1: Turn on the vehicle and its audio unit.

Step 2: Go to Settings→ Wi-Fi. Turn on the car’s Wi-Fi and connect the car to the internet.

Step 3: Now, go back to the Settings screen and select General.

Step 4: You will see several options on the General tab. Select the Check for Updates option at the bottom.

Step 5: Your car will check for any available updates. Once it finds an update, update your car to the latest version.

Summing up

So that was all about fixing your Hyundai car’s radio! As we discussed, your car’s radio can malfunction due to any of the several causes we discussed above. Follow the steps and methods mentioned above to get your radio fixed.

But remember that you don’t need to get into all of this DIY stuff if you are not well aware of it. If the problem seems out of your reach, we strongly suggest you go to the nearest certified Hyundai service center to get your issue fixed.

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