How to Get All Photos from Vault App Without Password

Back in the day, capturing photos and filming videos was rare. It’s mostly because of the lack of accessibility to gadgets like cameras. Over the years, we have visibly witnessed the growth of technology. Most people now have access to a decent Android mobile with a good-quality camera. This allowed people of all levels to easily capture moments whenever they wanted. In fact, mobile development paved the way for the growth of entertainment channels like social media, games, and apps.

get all photos from vault app without password

As much as we all love taking photos, at times, we are worried about the safety and security of our personal data, like photos and videos. Not to forget the scams and hacks taking place on the internet every day.

One of the applications that facilitates the safekeeping of personal and private data is the Vault app. This blog focuses on how to get all photos from the Vault app without a password. If you’re ready, let’s get started.

How to Get All Photos from Vault App Without Password?

Let’s get straight to the point. If you’ve forgotten your Vault password, you can’t directly access the content inside your application. Moreover, you’ll have no luck if you’re attempting to crack into someone’s Vault app.

You see, the Vault app is built to keep photos and other digital assets safe from prying eyes. Using the preset password is the only way to access the Vault content; unfortunately, if you have lost it, it means you have lost access to your Vault app data.

However, you have a way out if you accidentally delete the app or the content stored in your Vault app. You can easily recover your Vault app files if you have enabled Vault Cloud or iTunes backup before losing access to the app.

In the upcoming section, we will guide you through the exact steps as to how to restore your Vault app data. We will use backups to recover your Vault app files and data. We have included instructions for Android and iOS users, so feel free to refer to the relevant ones for your device.

For iOS users

If you’re an iPhone user, you have two backup options: iCloud and iTunes.

iCloud storage is limited, whereas iTunes doesn’t charge a premium to expand your storage. So, here’s how to use iTunes to recover your Vault app data.

First, we will guide you on how to back up your iPhone data on your personal computer. We have instructed how to connect iPhone and Windows to enable backup, as many users tend to have dilemmas with this procedure.

Step 1: Go to the browser on your computer or laptop in order to proceed.

Step 2: Now head to, where you can download iTunes for Windows.

Step 3: Once you launch iTunes on your desktop, open the application and agree to all the terms and conditions in order to access the app.

Step 4: Now, you need to link your Apple device to your Windows computer using a lightning cable.

Step 5: You need to approve the computer connection from your device. So, unlock your iPhone; you’ll see a pop-up asking whether you can trust the connected device. Tap on the trust option.

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