How to Fix “Your Account Has Been Temporarily Locked” on Instagram

Instagram is such a cool social media application. With millions of users tuning into the application or website every day, it is safe to assume that there is some heavy-duty data handling going on there. So many users, from almost all age groups, tend to put their personal data on the application and hence the city to protect the user and their data is incumbent on Instagram. In light of the same, Instagram is very sensitive in picking up any kind of malicious or suspicious activity happening on its portal.

your account has been temporarily locked

There is a probability that you might have ever come across a message on Instagram that ‘we have detected some suspicious activity on your account and have blocked it for security purposes’. It doesn’t really mean that you have indulge in a malicious activity but due to so many users and the availability of of their personal data, Instagram keeps on revamping its safety and security features.

The locking of one’s account might also indicate some Phishing and hence one of the following two things can be done

1) After you get this display, you can press ‘Continue’.

2) After that, Instagram will send a 6 digit code to your email address or mobile number, whichever is registered.

Let us try to understand the reason why Instagram might lock you out of your account.

Instagram is very sensitive to the safety and security of it’s user’s data. If you are using a third party application like Jarvee to quickly follow and unfollow people then Instagram might take note of that and think you are a bot. Consequently, your account might be locked.  If you use a third party website to access Instagram, then too your account might get locked.

The safest way to ensure no such thing happens is by never use any Instagram analytics tool to follow or unfollow people.

1) Go to your Instagram security settings.

2) After that, select apps and website.

3) Go to ‘active’ and make sure that you have removed access to all third-party applications.

However, some people have complained that Instagram doesn’t always send them the 6 digit code and at times the user has trouble accessing their email due to some reasons.

What to do if your account has been temporarily locked on Instagram

1) Firstly, you need to submit a ‘my Instagram account has been deactivated’ form. You can look for this form in Facebook search box or   good to Instagram support to download one. In this form the user will be asked to put in valid email or phone details. A failure in doing so is might lead to an inability on Instagram’s part to validate your account. You need add in your username in the mail and also state that your account has been deactivated by mistake. This is the most important step for recovering your deactivated Instagram account. So, be very careful in adding all the valid details while ‘submitting’ this email.

2) After that, Instagram will send a code to you via email. You need to write that code down a picture and click a clear picture of yourself holding that code. Make sure that the picture is in JPEG format and you are holding a clearly written code below your face. Once you submit the picture, you need to wait for a couple of days for Instagram to revert.

3) Instagram typically replies within 1-3 business days with a few up email to reactivate your account. However, you should be ready to wait for weeks also as Covid has managed to delay things as well.

If Instagram is satisfied with your ‘my Instagram has been deactivated’ form, it should restore your account within no time.


Instagram keeps on coming up with so many new security and safety features to ensure data protection that there is a fairly good chance that genuine users might also get locked out of their account. But of you haven’t actually done anything malicious on your account, then the process if retrieving the same isn’t very difficult.

Apart from that, the Instagram ban might last indefinitely so you definitely need to follow the procedure to regain access to it if you wish to get back on the social media application as soon as possible. In case you don’t do that, the ban might last for a lot of days.

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