How to Fix “You can’t leave likes for 3 days” on Instagram

We know how crucial leaving hearts is whether you’re an influencer, content creator, or social media star in the Instagram world. Naturally, leaving likes is a way to express gratitude, but they also help broaden and engage your platform audience. Simply double-tap on the post or even tap once on the heart icon beneath it to leave a like on your favorite creator’s post. But recently, several of us have also run across a problem with this simple feature.

fix you can't leave likes for 3 days on instagram

The Instagram limitation that says, “You can’t leave likes for 3 days,” is a point of frustration for many users. Have you ever had a three-day like lockdown on Instagram too? Well, users are left wondering what went wrong as a result of the frustrating experience.

So, today, we’ll go into this crucial topic that has many curious Instagram users interested! We will also provide you with practical solutions to assist in resolving this issue at hand. Roll up our sleeves and start reading the blog to learn everything there is to know about the subject!

How to Fix “You can’t leave likes for 3 days” on Instagram?

Exceeding the daily like limit is one of the main causes of this restriction. The platform uses this rate-limiting setting to prevent automated and spammy activity and to provide users with a more genuine Instagram experience.

However, the problem is more complicated than it first appears. We know it’s also illegal to violate Instagram’s community guidelines, and this error can be caused due to the violation of those guidelines. You can follow the steps in the section below to quickly reclaim your like privileges and reconnect with your favorite Instagram profiles.

Method 1: Wait for three days

We are aware that waiting while seeking rapid fixes seems absurd. Many people say that waiting seems to last forever, and it doesn’t provide a quick fix. But when you have a three-day likes restriction, that seems to be the ideal method to handle the situation. You realize that the error message makes it clear that you cannot leave likes for three days, don’t you? The limitation may occasionally last longer than the allotted days, in which case you should follow the below methods to fix the error.

Method 2: Use a different Instagram account

We know that the three-day like restriction has negatively impacted your Instagram experience, but what if you can quickly fix the problem? Today, the idea of having several accounts is one that we are all familiar with.

Many people have multiple Instagram accounts, which is helpful in your current position. Why not use your second Instagram account if your first one is causing you issues? It allows you to continue enjoying your favorite stuff uninterrupted!

Use this account for three days or at least until the problem gets solved in your primary account! You can easily switch to a different Instagram account via the app itself.

If you are unfamiliar with the steps, kindly follow the guide below.

Steps to switch to a different Instagram account:

Step 1: Launch your Instagram app on the device.

Step 2: Tap on the profile icon at the lower right corner of your home feed.

Step 3: You’ll see your username at the top of the profile page with a dropdown menu. Please click on it to proceed.

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