How to Find Someone’s IP Address from Tinder

The emergence of dating apps has radically transformed how we look for romantic relationships. Nobody can dispute how dating apps have revolutionized the dating scene! Now, a world of possibilities is just a few clicks away on your computer or mobile device! You are no longer constrained by geographic limitations, cultural norms, or social circles when it comes to online dating nowadays. You can locate a compatible match even in faraway places because of applications like Tinder.

find someone's ip address from tinder

Without a doubt, Tinder provides unmatched ease, but is it always so appealing? The app is great, but sometimes the individuals aren’t the best, isn’t that right?

Dating apps attract people with malicious intent, and since you’re mostly on the platform, you must look out for such threats. You feel uncomfortable if someone is bothering you or if a person is probably lying to you about their whereabouts.

You’re now wishing they would stop bothering you, isn’t it? Well, if we could simply track the user’s IP address, everything would have been obvious!

Do you wish to find the IP address of a person you have been talking to nowadays too? Let’s find out how to get someone’s IP address through Tinder right away!

How to Find Someone’s IP Address from Tinder?

We frequently wonder if Tinder’s dating application allows users to view other users’ IP addresses! We discovered that Tinder doesn’t make this information publicly available. Therefore, asking the dating app to retrieve someone’s IP address is pointless; your efforts will be down the drain.

However, we offer a few viable solutions that can help you finish the job. Please refer to the next section if you are ready to use them.

Method 1: Grabify- The third-party IP-grabbing tool

Why not use third-party applications that can if Tinder can’t? We have practical answers, and Grabify is at the top of the list.

Tracing a user’s IP on this open website is free and simple. But keep in mind that you must use your social engineering talents to the most extent possible for this strategy to be effective.

Let’s now look at how Grabify can be used to its full potential in order to track someone’s IP address from Tinder. So, do you know what the target Tinder user loves or keeps blathering on to you on the app? Maybe it’s their favorite soccer player or a hugely popular R&B artist?

Think about their hobbies, which they must have mentioned in passing because it will aid us at this particular time.

Let’s assume that they are unquestionably soccer enthusiasts. Now, some of the places to get soccer clips that soccer fans can’t help but click on are YouTube or any other video-sharing website/platform.

Follow the actions listed below once you’ve located the link.

Steps to use Grabify:

Step 1: Visit Grabify on your favorite browser.

Step 2: Scroll to the empty space and enter the link of the target video.

Step 3: You’ll find two options: Create URL and Tracking code. Please select Create URL next.

Step 4: Agree to the terms of service and privacy policy next.

Step 5: You’ll be whisked to the Link information page. Please click on the copy button next to New URL.

You can tap on change to create a custom link to send to the Tinder user.

Step 6: Next, open a chat with the desired individual on Tinder.

Keep the conversation about the video you will send them to avoid making it sound suspicious.

Step 7: Paste the video URL and watch for their response.

Step 8: Return to Grabify and locate the Results section once they’ve done so.

Step 9: This screen has the IP/provider and country tabs. Look under them to discover the information.

That’s it; there, you have the IP address of the person.

Make the situation and the video insertion on the message appear natural to prevent being caught. Remember that if someone finds the link odd, they might not even click on it.

Method 2: Ask them directly

It is perfectly acceptable to enquire about the location of a possible match on dating applications like Tinder. However, it is not acceptable to act rudely and to make others feel uncomfortable with your questions. Try to ask your question in the natural flow of discussion in a kind and interesting way.

Please don’t be disappointed if they don’t inform you and bring up the subject once they feel secure enough to talk to you. If they don’t want to tell you anything, they could not be interested or are potential scammers. You must avoid them if either one of the two is true.

Method 3: Contact law enforcement authorities

We frequently witness people falling victim to fraudsters, scammers, and online bullies. You must take action to protect the community if you come across individuals who raise severe concerns and engage in dubious behavior.

You can contact the proper law enforcement if you were a victim of such traps and may have incurred a financial loss or disclosed sensitive information. Keep in mind that you have the option to involve the authorities in extreme situations involving your safety or unlawful conduct.

As soon as they agree, it becomes easier to monitor the IP address because Tinder won’t object to their request. They can track down the person if they work with Tinder’s assistance and their combined strength in resources.

In the end

A ground-breaking dating app, Tinder, has become hugely popular and is now a household brand. We all care for our Tinder profiles and bios since the service promotes authenticity. But occasionally, it just isn’t enough.

You run into folks you’d prefer to avoid and occasionally find yourself in dangerous situations. We have provided the methods you can use if you ever need to check someone’s IP address. Use them, and let us know if they were successful for you. If you have more Tinder-related questions, please feel free to ask us in the comments.

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