How to Find Someone’s Birthday on Instagram [3 Methods]

Know Someone’s Birthday on Instagram: “I hope you’ve thought of the perfect birthday present for me.” Suppose you receive this DM from a close friend on Instagram and have no idea when their birthday is. Isn’t it terrifying? Well, not necessarily. Forgetting birthdays is a common affair among humans; we can’t possibly hope to remember the birthdays of everyone we know, can we? This is why many people keep journals or sync their calendars to help them with it.

find someone's birthday on instagram

While adding your birthday on Instagram is a mandatory step while creating your account, Instagram doesn’t make this information public for any users. And while this is convenient for your own sake, when you’re looking for someone else’s birthday on Instagram, it can be quite problematic.

Have you ever tried looking for someone’s birthday on Instagram but don’t know where to start? Well, we’re here to your rescue.

While we can’t guarantee you that you’ll find it in the end, we can give you some ideas on where to look.

Stay with us till the end to explore all possibilities of finding someone’s birthday on Instagram.

How to Find Someone’s Birthday on Instagram

1. Check for it on their Bio

If you go through the bio of 10 random Instagrammers right now, we can assure you at least one of them would have something like this written on theirs:

“I blow candles on 24th April”

“Send me presents on 19th November”

“🎂: 12th February”

find someone's birthday on instagram

Or something similar, which gives you a clear idea of when they were born. In other words, it’s not uncommon for Instagram users to add their birthdays in their bio. So, if this person is one of them, you just got lucky!

Checking one’s bio for their birthday is incredibly easy. All you need to do is go to your Explore tab, enter their username in the search bar on top, hit enter. Tap on their profile in the search results to open their profile and scan their bio for the aforementioned information. Bios are located right at the top of one’s profile, under their name.

2. Go Through the Posts on Their Profile

If you’re still here with us, we’re hoping that it means you couldn’t find their birthday in their bio. Well, don’t lose hope yet; we still have a couple more tricks up our sleeve. The next best place you can look for their birthday is from their posts.

Most Instagram users, even if they’re not in the habit of posting consistently, tend to post at least a picture on their birthday, be it of their birthday outfit, themselves cutting a cake, or anything else special that they like doing on that day.

If you check their posts for a sign of their birthday, you’re going to have a stronger chance of finding out about it. This process might take anywhere between 10 minutes to a couple of hours, depending on the frequency with which they post or how old their account is.

find someone's birthday on instagram

Once you find any relevant post, don’t just assume that it was their birthday right away; some users also post pictures from their birthday 1-2 days later. So, check both the comments and the pictures for more specific hints before you set your mind on a date.

3. Do They Make Story Highlights? If So, Check Them All

So, we take it you couldn’t find anything closely associated with their birthday in their posts either? Well, if they’re more of a Stories person on Instagram, perhaps that’s where you should start looking.

Let’s tell you who a Stories person is on Instagram. Have you ever come across (digitally, of course) someone who has about 2-5 posts on their profile but upload tons of stories, be it randomly clicked pictures, selfies, boomerangs, or videos? These are the kind of users who like to capture and share (upload) spontaneous memories on their profile rather than documenting them in a more permanent place: the posts.

Many of these users also tend to create highlights of stories that are close to their hearts, which you can find on the top of their profile, under their bios. So, if this person is even remotely like that, you must give checking out their story highlights a shot. After all, you could be surprised at how easily you could find their birthday from there.

4. Other Methods You Can Use

Suppose this person prefers to maintain a private profile with no sign of their birthday anywhere on their profile. What else could you do about it? Well, the methods we’re going to talk about now might sound a little desperate, but you know what they say: desperate times call for desperate solutions. And if you’re still determined to keep looking, we’d have to say that it’s quite urgent to you.

So, here’s where you could: by going through your DMs with this person. If you two are close, you might’ve exchanged birthdays sometime in the past; you might’ve even wished them “Happy Birthday” at some point. So, if you could only scroll up to those conversations between you two, perhaps you’ll not need any other help. Go, get started!

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