How to Find Phone Number from IMEI Number

Smartphones have become an extension of ourselves in the digital era. How long have you been able to go without using your phones? Well, the only time you go without them is when you lose them! Losing a phone which had your phone number is nothing short of devastating! Did you know that the IMEI, or International Mobile Equipment Identity Number, becomes crucial in cases of lost, stolen, or missing phones?

find phone number from imei number

Every phone has a unique 15-digit identifying number that acts as a digital fingerprint, allowing law enforcement and your mobile service provider to find your phone.

Remember, while the IMEI number might help with phone searches, it cannot be used to monitor your phone number. We’ll cover how to determine your phone number from the IMEI number in more detail below. So, let’s get to the specifics right now.

How to Find Phone Number from IMEI Number?

IMEI number is useful in identifying your phone rather than the phone number associated with it. So, while the IMEI number is exclusive to each device, it is sadly not linked to the phone number that is stored on your phone.

You must get access to the phone if you’re seeking the phone number. We’ll provide you with some simple tips and tricks to locate your phone number that won’t require any IMEI numbers, assuming you still have your phone. 

Method 1: Check your phone setting

The Settings section on the majority of smartphones has a wealth of information about the device. One of the crucial details of this option is also your phone number.

Check your phone’s settings to find out if your phone has this information. We have provided a checklist for you to refer to, so please stick to the guidelines below.

Steps to check your phone setting for your phone number:

Step 1: Open Settings on your smartphone.

Step 2: Look for the About Phone option at the top of the Settings screen and click on it.

Step 3: Locate and select the All Specs option next.

Step 4: Scroll to the end of the page and click on the Status option.

Step 5: Check the Phone number option to reveal the phone number assigned to your sim slot.

Note the steps above work for the Redmi 9 Prime phone model. The steps may vary slightly depending on the phone model you use.

Method 2: Dialing special codes from SIM

The SIM cards have unique codes from some mobile network providers that enable customers to call and access their phone numbers. Now, the SIM card you’re using will significantly impact this procedure.

Finding the specific dialing codes is not difficult; you may get them online. We’ll provide the codes for popular SIM cards below for your convenience.

Codes for phone number recovery:

Reliance Jio – Call 1299

Airtel – *282#, *121*1#, *121*9#

Idea – *131*1#

BSNL – *555#, *222#

Vodafone – *111*2#

Method 3: SIM card document/package

Do you still have the SIM card you purchased for your phone? If you do, you must have received it packaged with other documents.

Why don’t you look for the package and check the phone number associated with that particular SIM card? If you have misplaced or cannot locate your package, the process won’t at all, in which case you must rely on the approaches we have already discussed.

How to find a lost phone with an IMEI number?

We’ll talk about a unique scenario in which you’ve misplaced your phone and are unable to locate it. We’ll outline the techniques you must employ to locate your device.

Method 1: Try IMEI Tracker- Find My Device App

Having your phone stolen is like waking up in one of the worst nightmares of your life since loads of sensitive documents and personal information might be compromised. Obviously, the idea is scary, but try not to freak out.

We can monitor a lost phone using a variety of web tools, and we can even delete data that might harm our professional or personal life. Here, we’ll talk about the Find My Device app and how to locate our phone by IMEI number. So, be careful to review and adhere to the instructions.

Steps to use IMEI Tracker- Find My Device App:

Step 1: Head to your respective app stores and search for IMEI Tracker- Find My Device app.

Step 2: Tap the install button once you see the app name and let it download successfully.

Step 3: You might need to provide the tracker app permission. So, read them attentively and allow them.

Step 4: You must check in using your Google Account to continue.

Step 5: Set your trusted contacts, where you will receive the IMEI details, along with your phone’s current location.

Step 6: Please type in the IMEI in the app and select the track button.


You can monitor your phone using the IMEI number using a variety of web tracker tools. Besides, the steps are fairly easy to implement since they don’t involve many complicated steps to follow.

You just need to enter your IMEI number, and the tool starts tracking your device. However, even if it could seem like a simple and practical move, you must check the permissions these tools and applications ask for from you.

Don’t provide your personal information for the sake of authentication or verification. Try downloading these applications from your respective app stores, and if you’re doing it online directly, double-check the reviews and ratings of the apps before you begin.

In the end

Finding phone numbers from IMEI numbers is difficult because IMEI numbers are associated with your phone. The next option is to locate your phone number using the many easier ways we have discussed in the blog.

Ensure you read the section where we discussed using the IMEI number to locate a lost phone. Please feel free to ask any further questions in the comments section so we can help you out.

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