How to Download Discord Profile Picture in Full Size

“Why should I use Discord? There are tons of other platforms out there to hang out in!” If someone asked us this question, here’s how we would reply. If you want to be part of a community, if you want to share your thoughts with people who think like you, and can, therefore, understand your perspective the way you expect them to understand, if you want to participate in engaging discussions centered around topics you love, Discord is the platform you should hang out in.

download discord profile picture in full size

Discord is one of the most sophisticated platforms on the internet. However, every platform has some limitations, and so has Discord. Despite all its advanced customizations and personalizations, Discord falls back on one of the simplest options: profile pictures!

The platform allows us to upload profile pictures for our accounts. But it doesn’t let us see the full-sized picture of someone else. All you can see is a small circular thumbnail that just looks like a small icon!

We don’t know if Discord is doing this intentionally, but we don’t like it. And nor do you, right? So, hang on where you are, as we will discover some simple ways to help you download full-size profile pictures on Discord.

How to Download Discord Profile Picture in Full Size

Discord doesn’t allow us to download someone’s profile picture in full size. Forget downloading; the platform doesn’t even let us view the profile picture in full size. In other words, the platform has made it clear that it doesn’t want anyone secretly copying or saving someone’s photos without permission.

But that’s not fair. After all, not everyone goes around saving others’ photos with bad intentions. What if you see a great quote, animation, or beautiful scenery on someone’s profile? It wouldn’t harm anybody if you downloaded the high-quality picture.

Considering these instances in mind, we have found a way around downloading a user’s profile picture in full size. Wait, we have found not one but multiple ways to download someone’s profile picture. It is not a very difficult task, after all. And we can’t wait to discuss it with you!

So, let’s get straight into the first method.

The simplest way to download a full-sized profile picture from Discord

The simplest, uncomplicated way of downloading a user’s profile picture from Discord is by using third-party websites.

Discord doesn’t let you download or view the profile pictures of its users directly. But it doesn’t explicitly prevent you from finding a workaround. And third-party websites can show you the full-sized image just as it is stored in Discord.

With the following steps, we’ll tell you how you can download a full-sized Discord profile picture from a website called Discord Lookup.

Step 1: Log into your Discord account on your phone or desktop.

Step 2: Find the user whose profile picture you want to download.

Step 3: On your phone, you can tap on the user’s profile picture to view the profile. Tap on the three dots at the top-right corner of the profile pop-up and tap on Copy ID.

On the desktop, find the user and right-click on their profile picture. Then click on Profile to view their profile. Tap on the three dots and select Copy ID to copy the user ID.

Step 4: Now, open your browser and go to

Step 5: You will see a big box on the screen. Paste the copied ID in the box and click on Lookup.

Step 6: Verify the captcha by tapping on the Press to Start button. Once the verification completes, you’ll see the details of the user whose user ID you l copied earlier.

Step 7: Tap on the profile picture. The full-sized picture will appear on another tab.

Step 8: Tap and hold the picture (on your phone) or right-click on it (on your desktop). Tap on Download image to download the full-sized profile picture.

Bonus tip: Another third-party website!

The Discord Lookup website is a great tool for downloading full-sized profile pictures from Discord. And it will be sufficient to help you with that. But if you want a backup for situations when the above site is not working, here’s another site that does the same job:

To download a profile picture using this website, follow Steps 1-3, the same as before. Then head to this website and paste the user ID in the box. Verify the captcha and tap on View Profile to see the user’s details. Then follow steps 7 and 8.

NOTE: The websites we have mentioned are completely safe and secure. So, if you are concerned about the security and trustability of these websites, you don’t need to be.

Besides, these websites gather all the info solely based on the user ID, which is publicly visible to everyone. Therefore, no sensitive information is involved. In other words, you don’t need to worry at all!

Summing up

Discord is a great app to hang out with like-minded people on servers or simply male friends and chat with them. The platform is a host of advanced customization features to enhance our experience to the next level.

But when it comes to showing the full profile picture of other users, the platform has a strict no-no policy. It doesn’t allow us to see the profile picture or download it to our phones. So, we thought of finding a way around this limitation. And we are glad that we did.

Try out these methods and tell us whether you like them. For any questions or queries, just drop a comment below; we’ll be there with the help you need. Enjoy!

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