How to Delete Grubhub Account Easily

The year is 2023, and the world’s food habits have evolved drastically over the last several years. We are virtual species living a digital lifestyle, and if there is one thing this revolution has taught us, it is that everything is just a tap away. Here, we’re talking about food to satisfy various appetites on random days and moods. And thanks to online meal ordering and delivery services, you receive the most delicious cuisine at your doorstep in the quickest timeframe.

delete grubhub account

And, at a time when lounging on your sofa is the ideal weekend mood, these services are a blessing. Food delivery has blossomed into its own industry, with various online companies vying for market leadership. With such significant popularity of online food ordering and delivery services, companies like Grubhub have already carved out a niche for themselves. Grubhub’s success to date should serve as inspiration for any businessman considering launching their own food delivery service.

We all know how convenient it is to order in, but we cannot say the same about our wallets that seem to be empty due to the convenience, right? And, if this poses a problem, we believe getting rid of the app might work wonders for you.

If you are here, we believe it has something to do with you wanting to delete your Grubhub account. And, if we judged right, let’s see how this can be done, shall we?

Is it Possible to Delete Grubhub Account?

We feel Grubhub has earned respect for itself in all typical households due to its exceptional user experience. However, like every other delivery service, it might have a specific issue that sometimes causes challenges. 

And if there is one aspect that creates unnecessary trouble, it is the lack of guidance and assistance on how to remove an account. 

Sadly, there isn’t a simple one-click solution for canceling your account on Grubhub. Yes, we’re referring to both their browser and application-based services. 

We can tell you that removing your Grubhub account will take a lot of time and effort, making it an exhausting procedure. But despite the difficulty of the procedure, it is not a hopeless cause.

How to Delete Grubhub Account

So, is your New Year’s resolution to spend less money? But that won’t happen if you have a convenient online food ordering and delivery service like Grubhub at your fingertips. 

Please keep in mind that deleting Grubhub is fair because there might be a variety of reasons for doing so, and we are here to assist you through the process. The online version of the app is required to complete the process of deleting your account.

Method 1: Deleting your Grubhub account via the website

If you’ve finally made up your decision to get rid of Grubhub for good, this is the first solution we’ll explore. Please note that the mobile application will not allow you to follow this step. Thus, we recommend that you utilize the browser version. 

If you use this strategy, you will lose much of your Grubhub information forever. The following is a list of the data you will lose:

Account details, Order history and scheduled future orders, One-click reorder now options, Loyalty points and rewards earned and All Grubhub credits in your account

Step 1: In order to delete your Grubhub account, you must open your web browser. Here, you must sign in to your account using their official website.

Step 2: You must head over to the Manage your data section.

Step 3: Upon doing so, you will be given three choices. Please go for the Delete your personal information option at the page’s bottom. 

Once you click on it, it will delete your account and the personal information Grubhub has collected about you permanently. 

Step 4: Do you see the Submit a request under the Delete your personal information category? Click on it. 

Step 5: A new page/tab will appear where you are requested to verify your email. Enter your email tied with the account and tap on the Verify my email option to continue. 

If you have initially created your account with the help of Facebook or Google, you must provide the email address linked with those accounts. 

Step 6: You must receive an Email from Grubhub; tap on the Confirm Email Address to proceed ahead with the process. 

Step 7: Once you do it, you will be whisked to the Data privacy at Grubhub page, where you can delete the data.

Step 8: Tap on the Submit request option at the bottom of the page. 

Step 9: In the following steps, a pop-up will appear with two choices: Delete and Cancel. Proceed with the Delete option.

Step 10: Finally, you will receive a message where Grubhub will confirm your request. 

The message states that they have begun the process from their end. You should also keep in mind that the procedure might take up to 45 days to complete, but you will have access to your account until then.

Method 2: Deleting your Grubhub account via email

It could be challenging to remove your Grubhub account using the website version at times. Many people, in particular, have this issue if they have an old account and cannot recall their password. And when these things occur, they are left with no clue how to proceed with the task. 

Thus, we’ve explored an email version of deleting your Grubhub account. Are you puzzled? Well, don’t be. The procedure is basic, and you must send an email to Grubhub’s support team, who will assist you immediately. 

Here’s how to get in touch with them through email.

Step 1: Head over to your email account. 

If you know the registered email account linked with Grubhub, please sign in with that account. Otherwise, you can make use of any mail ID, but please mention the registered mail ID so that they can confirm and move ahead with the process seamlessly.

Step 2: Compose an Email and direct the mail to

Step 3: In the Subject section, you can write a Grubhub account deletion request or something along a similar line that makes your purpose clear.

Step 4: Compose the email’s body section, be clear, and hit the send button.

You can go with something like Hello Team Grubhub. I am a registered user of your services. My name is xyz, and my Email ID is xxx. I wish to delete my Grubhub account permanently due to personal reasons. Kindly assist me in this. Thank you.

Method 3: Deleting your Grubhub account via customer service number

If neither of the previous methods was fruitful, we feel dialing their customer service number will suffice. If you need to contact Grubhub in an emergency, they have a phone number you may call. 

The number is (877) 585-1085. And after you ring it, you will be connected to their customer service team right away. All that’s left is to submit a ticket to have your Grubhub account deleted.

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