How to Get More Comments on Instagram in 2023

Have you noticed that certain content and Instagram accounts regularly feature in your news feed, in searches, and on the Explore Page? That’s because the Instagram algorithm has prioritized these posts due to certain criteria.

One of the criteria that the Instagram algorithm uses to promote posts to be more visible to Instagram users is the rate of engagement with the post. This means the number of comments, likes, and shares a post receives.

Getting more comments on your posts on Instagram will result in more visibility of your account, will grow your following, and will lead to your Instagram success.

There are over 2 billion active Instagram accounts, and you need to have a strategy in place to boost your content’s visibility. But how do you get more comments on Instagram?

In this article, we will provide you with the top tips to help you get more comments on Instagram.  

Do Instagram Comments Really Matter?

Instagram comments go a long way to ensure that you or your business is successful on Instagram. Probably the most important reason why Instagram comments matter is because of their effect on the Instagram algorithm.

The Instagram algorithm determines how visible your content is on Instagram to users. Your posts are more likely to appear in followers’ news feeds, searches, and on the Explore Page, if the content has a lot of engagement.

It’s no secret that Instagram is a buzzing social media network. With so much activity on the platform, Instagram comments provide a bridge to connect with your followers and target audience. Through comments, you can attract potential customers, build brand loyalty, and get insight into what content is most valuable to your audience.

Learn the top tips to getting more Instagram comments, as well as how you can even buy Instagram custom comments with reputable providers.

Can You Buy Instagram Custom Comments?

The simple answer is yes. If you’re struggling to boost the comments on the content you post, you can buy Instagram custom comments from reputable service providers.

Many professional Instagram marketing service providers enable you to buy cheap custom Instagram comments. 

You should only engage the services of reputable social media marketing service providers from whom you can buy real custom Instagram comments derived from real accounts. Having poor-quality comments from bots and spammers could damage your Instagram profile.

If you wish to buy custom comments on Instagram, you should look at Skweezer. They’re a trusted Instagram marketing service provider. You can buy Instagram custom comments from from them, together with other Instagram marketing solutions. Their service extends to writing your own comments posted by real Instagram users.

What’s great about the service that Skweezer provides is that you can buy custom IG comments from real USA and UK commenters. It’s a great option to buy real USA Instagram comments and to buy Instagram comments UK based due to the large Instagram audiences found in these locations. If you’re looking for more customers and clients, the higher cost of living in these areas can often mean you have access to a more affluent audience.

The US has the second highest number of Instagram users worldwide, it’s a good idea to relate to this demographic and buy USA Instagram comments.

Tips To Get More Instagram Comments

These tips will help you optimize your Instagram account and will encourage more comments on your posts:

Make Your Account Public

If you want more users to see your posts and then choose to follow your account, your account should be set to “Public.” Having a private account limits your visibility on Instagram. On your profile tab, click on the “Settings” icon in the upper right-hand corner, and then turn off the “Private Account” button.

Encourage User Engagement In Comments

You should be encouraging user engagement with your posts. There’s no harm in simply asking your followers and users to “comment” with their thoughts on your post. This can also lead to them sharing your post and tagging other users in the comments section.

Try posing questions in your posts and encourage users to provide answers in the comments. If you’ll be interviewing someone, give your followers a heads-up and ask them to comment with their questions.

Not everyone reads captions, so you should also include calls to action on your actual images and photos posted. Try “finish the sentence” and “fill in the blank” prompts in your posts too.

Use Hashtags And Tagging

Using relevant hashtags in your posts will drive organic traffic to your profile. Popular hashtags ensure that your posts appear in user searches under those hashtags and, if you’re trending, in the Explore Page. Niche hashtags can help users find your posts specifically.

The more users that come across your posts, the more opportunity there is for them to comment. Posts with at least one hashtag are seen more than posts without any hashtags. Be wary of spam hashtagging with irrelevant hashtags.

Tag the correct accounts in your captions of any people, brands, or businesses you’ve collaborated with, as this will make your post visible to a bigger audience. Don’t forget to tag locations. This makes it easier for users to find you in a certain area.

Respond To Comments

This is an important tip. Acknowledge comments received from followers and users, and if you can, respond to their comments quickly.

Everyone loves engaging with an Instagram account that’s active and where the account holder makes them feel like their comments are valued.

Your responses to comments will be seen by others and will likely motivate them to comment too. It creates a good impression and provides scope for conversation. Later, we’ll share how to buy instagram custom comments. If you do buy custom comments on Instagram, it’s important to also respond to every comment that comes through (even if you know it is a bought-comment).

Post Frequently

You should try to post content frequently and consistently. It’s recommended that you post at least once a day but not more than three times a day. Users prefer to engage with Instagram accounts that are active. Posts on active accounts do tend to receive more comments from users.

Posting content at optimal times, like when your followers and target audience are most active online, will also ensure that your posts are more visible to these users. There will be more opportunities for them to comment on your posts this way.

There’s no hard and fast rule about the right time to post, as it’s target audience or industry-specific. Test posting content at different times of day and then reflect on which time attracted the most engagement.

Post High-Quality Content

This one’s a no-brainer. If you post poor-quality content, there will be very few who actually comment on your post, and those who do will probably have negative comments. You should be actively posting high-quality content at all times.

Tips for high-quality content include using scaled images, visually appealing content, and trying to add variety in content type, like a mix of Carousel posts, Reels, Stories, and Videos. Making your account exciting this way will encourage more comments on your feed posts.

Host An Instagram Takeover

Instagram takeovers involve another Instagram user taking over your account for a short period of time like a day. You would usually get a colleague, collaborator, or influencer to post about you or your work from their perspective. This is a fun and exciting way to attract engagement and comments on the posts on your feed.

Run Competitions/Giveaways

Who doesn’t love competitions and giveaways? Running a competition or giveaway on your account is a sure way to get loads of comments on your post. Simply post a contest/giveaway and encourage followers and users to comment, like, and tag others under the post.

Obviously, the prize will need to be something worthwhile, and you should post about the winner to show users you followed through on your post.

Make Your Posts Unique

Your posts should be funny, interesting, or surprising, even provocative or controversial within reason. Boring posts will not receive many comments. Users love commenting on posts that triggered positive emotions in them or on something that they feel strongly about.

Some tips for popular posts include posting fun selfies, images with human faces, group shots, images of beautiful and cute animals, and memes.

Post Reels And Videos

Reels and videos have become very popular on Instagram as they provide a higher level of entertainment and user engagement than still-life posts. Good Reels and videos attract many comments, and you can even caption them with a request that users comment about what else they wish to see or if they would like to see more of what you’ve posted.

Post To Your Instagram Stories

Users tend to tap through Instagram Stories much more than through feeds. This makes it super important to use Instagram Stories to drive traffic to your posts. Stories come with features that promote engagement, like polls and question stickers. When you share your feed posts to your stories, people may be more likely to see your content.

This is because, with the amount of active accounts people follow, it can be very difficult for your posts to show on people’s feeds. People watch stories, and if your post is highlighted on yours, they could check out your post that they otherwise wouldn’t see. That increases the chance of your post getting comments.

Wrapping Up

Comments are important to increase your reach, following, and visibility on Instagram. You should work to get more comments on your content. It will benefit you and your business in the long run.

Use the tips we’ve provided to help you increase the comments on your posts. Remember that you can buy Instagram comments custom from professional social media marketing agencies. If you buy IG custom comments from a reputable agency, this will help to boost your Instagram account.

Remember, posting regularly may not be enough. You need to post high-quality content and stay engaged with your followers to watch those comments increase!

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