How to Delete All Messages on Instagram from Both Sides Without Them Knowing

Delete Instagram Chat from Both Sides: What’s the favorite part of your day? Having mid-meals chats and jokes with family, sharing your deepest secret with your sibling, or those night-long romantic phone calls with that someone special? Be it any person, the things that are both most remarkable and unforgettable are your conversations with them. It is these conversations that we cherish in our hearts long after the days (and even those people) have been left behind.

delete entire instagram conversation from both sides

But do all conversations hold the same feelings for you? Not necessarily. While some conversations are meaningful and cherished for life, there are other conversations that we want to put behind ourselves as soon as we can. These conversations could either be about hatred, loss of love, or conflict, or any other thing that you might not want to remember anymore.

Is there a way you can erase this conversation from both the other person’s memories and yours? While there’s no way of doing that, it is certainly possible to remove its evidence, i.e., the messages you exchanged about it. In our blog today, we’ll discuss the possibility of deleting an Instagram conversation from both sides. Stick with us till the end to figure out if such a thing can be done and how.

Can You Delete All Messages on Instagram from Both Sides?

Unfortunately, you can’t delete all messages on Instagram from both sides or you can unsend messages one by one but that will take more time. In other words, it is impossible to delete an entire Instagram conversation from both sides. But what about blocking them? Well, keep reading to find out.

Can Blocking Account Delete All Messages on Instagram from Both Sides?

To those of you who assume that blocking someone on Instagram can delete your entire conversation with them from both accounts, let’s tell you that you’re not completely wrong in doing so. Truth be told, such a feature did exist on the platform a while ago, which is why many users still believe in the process.

However, with Instagram’s obsession of updating and improving the user interface of the app constantly, you could expect any existing feature to disappear in the next update. This is exactly what happened with the conversation disappearing feature as well. But just like most other updates, it was also a useful one because it allowed some creepy users to harass others and then block them, leaving behind no trace of their misdeeds.

So, while this change was for the good of a majority of users, the fact still remains that blocking someone will not delete your conversation with them from both sides. It brings us back to square one, reinstating the fact that doing such a thing is not possible on Instagram at all.

How to Delete All Messages on Instagram from Both Sides

1. Deleting Entire Instagram Conversation for Yourself

So, you cannot delete an entire Instagram conversation from both sides. We get that you’re disappointed by the answer, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit tight and suck it up. If this conversation is bothersome to you, why not just get rid of it yourself? You can certainly do that on the platform, and in the steps mentioned below, we’ll tell you how:

Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your smartphone. From the Home tab, navigate the message icon on the top-right corner of your screen and tap on it to open your DMs.

Step 2: When you land on your DMs tab, you’ll see all your conversations listed down in chronological order. In order to find the conversation that you’re looking to delete, you can either scroll through this list or search for their usernames in the search bar displayed on top.

Step 3: Once you find this conversation, follow one of these steps depending on which smartphone you use:

If you’re an Android user, long-press on this conversation until a menu appears on your screen. The first option on this menu is of Delete; all you need to do is tap on it.

Alternatively, as an iOS user, you just have to swipe left on the conversation to reveal two buttons: a white one for Mute, and a red one next to it for Delete. Tap on the latter, and you’ll be asked to confirm your action. Press on Delete again, and your job will be done.

2. Delete Individual Messages from Both Sides

So far, we’ve already established how deleting entire conversations from both sides on Instagram is impossible, including what else you could do about it. However, what if your problem isn’t with the entire conversation but just some part of it? Such a thing happens all the time.

So, if this problematic message(s) was sent by you, there is a way to undo it for both the recipient and yourself: by unsending it. Given below are the steps you need to follow in order to unsend a message on Instagram. To begin with, you’ll need to follow steps 1 and 2 from the last section to reach your DMs on Instagram and locate the conversation from which you need to remove some of your messages.

Step 4: Tap on this conversation to view it on full screen. Now, scroll up to navigate the individual message that you need to go away.

Step 5: When you find this message, long-press on it. You’ll see a range of emojis appearing right above it (for reactions), and at the bottom of your screen, three buttons: Reply, Unsend, and More.

We already know which one you need to pick; just tap on Unsend, and you’ll see the message disappearing from right in front of your eyes. Rest assured that doing so will also remove that message from the device of the recipient.

Will They Know if You Delete Instagram Chat from Both Sides?

Earlier, in place of the removed message, Instagram used to leave behind a different message saying, “XYZ has deleted a message.” However, in one of the app’s later updates, it is removed that message altogether, leaving behind no sign that the message ever existed in the first place.

However, if this message was important to the recipient and they decide to re-read their chat with you one fine day, they might notice it gone. But that’s about it; Instagram won’t help them remember the message (or its deletion) in any way.

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