If I Delete a Contact on WhatsApp Can They Still Message Me

Giving someone your number is an ultimate act of trust, don’t you think? You’re giving them 24-hour access to yourself. Moreover, everyone has WhatsApp today, so you’re also giving them a way to message you on WhatsApp.

delete a contact on whatsapp can they still message me

Still, not everyone is to be trusted, and those who can’t be are also capable of proving that fact all on their own. We’ve all met that one person who seemed very nice and appropriate at first glance but soon turned out to be completely different.

When people like these have your number, it might get tricky to get rid of them, especially when you cannot appear outright rude to them. This can be for several reasons; you might need to see them every day at school/college/work, or you could need them for a favor if they owe you.

Either way, a few privacy options on WhatsApp will help you. If you’re wondering whether or not the other person can text you after you’ve deleted their number from your device, we’re sorry to say that they easily can. For all they know, you still have their number saved.  How can you get rid of them, then? Read on to find out the answer to that question and more.

If I Delete a Contact on WhatsApp Can They Still Message Me

If you’re worried about a contact you’ve deleted messaging you on WhatsApp again, let us say it’s a genuine concern. Yes, someone can message you on WhatsApp after their contact has been deleted from your device.

As long as they have your number, they can message you from as many different phone numbers as they’d like, including the one you deleted from your smartphone. This is because deletion doesn’t do anything other than removing that number from your sight.

If you don’t want someone to be able to contact you anymore, we’re afraid that deleting their contact does nothing for you. We suggest you go with some more concrete action that actively makes some difference, like blocking, reporting, or muting them on WhatsApp.  Don’t worry; we understand that all this information might be overwhelming to take in, so we’ve discussed these methods in detail in the upcoming sections.

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