How to Create TikTok Account Without Phone Number

You might already be aware that you can sign up with the TikTok account with the email and there isn’t a need for a phone number. Another way of doing that is by making use of the email address. Regardless of the ways, you are going to be able to successfully get registered with TikTok free.

create tiktok account without phone number

Moreover, the main features of TikTok include video creation, editing, and making new friends over the platform. But before you can do all of this you have to download the application on your device first. However, most people that subscribe to Tiktok don’t opt for making an account on their phone. Therefore, we shall show you ways by which you can do that, without making use of the phone number.

The best part is that the application is flexible enough for providing you’re a platform for video sharing through your phone, without using your phone number. The main objective here that you should be keeping in mind here is that you will have to make another account by making use of the same data that is linked with your present account.

For instance, two accounts can’t be shared from the same email address. Apart from that making a new account is easy and quick. Here’s how you can do that!

How to Create TikTok Account Without Phone Number

Tiktok usually makes use of the phone number for importing the user list from your phonebook. This also makes sure that your account stays secure. However, the app developers noticed that some users don’t like such compulsory conditions. However, there is a trick of making a TikTok account without a phone number, and here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Open the TikTok app on your phone.
  • You will be prompted for account creation.
  • Enter the username you want and click on Next.
  • Add other details like date of birth, keep in mind that you have to be over the age of 13 for account creation on the app.
  • Now create a password and enter the phone number if you want.
  • Add a valid email here.
  • There will be a confirmation code sent to the email address when you tap submit. Now go on your email account.
  • Go to the received email and follow the link you were sent.
  • Now go to the account set-up. The verification has been completed and now you can start with all of the entertainment the app provides.

Does one need to use their phone number for creating an account on TikTok?

No! You can also just open the application and start looking at the videos uploaded without any phone details. You can make an account by using your email address or social media account that you already have like Facebook.

Some blogs might claim that there is a need for entering a phone number to send messages to another user on TikTok. But this is just false information. You can do so when you have linked the account with Google as well, and there isn’t a need for making use of your phone number.

Bottom Line:

The way to create a new TikTok account without using your phone number is super easy. This is a great platform for creating fun videos and even learning some interesting things and making new friends as well. Just follow the steps we mentioned above and you can start using the app with ease, and there won’t be any need of using your phone number to do so.

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