How to Check Total Call Duration in Android Phone

There are times when we just need the information on the call duration we had and the frequency of calls that we made to a specific number. This can be a piece of useful information for safeguarding your children from unknown calls and the information can also assist in understanding if your partner had been speaking to someone else during the time.

check total call duration in android phone

The Android phones that we make use of these days, don’t always provide this information that can be important to us. Although there are ways by which you can do this but It is going to need the assistance of third-party applications. When we have the data linked with call durations keeping track of the calls we made becomes easy and we can also speak to the service provider in case there are some issues with the billing.

Some of the applications that we will mention in this article can be useful in several aspects. You will be able to also see some interesting data and graphs in the way you make the calls. This data can help you in looking at the calls made as per location as well! We shall be teaching you the best ways by which you can get this information in simple guide form.

How to Check Total Call Duration in Android Phone

1. Call Meter NG

The Applications that we discuss below, are going to help you in taking a look at the call durations. We shall be providing the link through which you can easily download them without any complications.

Step 1: First, unlock the Android phone and then search on Google for the link that we have provided above.

Step 2: Now just tap on the option of Install. Now open the app and click on the option of ‘Calls’.

Step 3: The total time gets displayed on the handset.

2. Stats Free

Step 1: Click on the link above from your smartphone.

Step 2: Download the application on your phone and complete the installation process.

Step 3: Open the application on your phone and you will be able to see all of the call duration of incoming and outgoing calls that you made.

3. PhoneUsage

Step 1: Open your Android devices, and go on the link we provided above.

Step 2: Now install the application PhoneUsage on your device.

Step 3: Open the application on your phone. Now tap over the option of ‘Calls’ that’s present on the menu bar. You will be able to see the call duration as per the monthly data plan you have.

The best part about the application is that it also provides additional information on the total screen time you have.

Final Thoughts:

The information that we provided above will give you the duration of calls that were made from your phone. In case you need to check for the duration of the call from a specific person, you have the option to tap on that specific contact and you will be able to see the data in no time. The applications that we mentioned above are not available on the Google Play store as of yet but will give you the information that you had been searching for and is pretty useful too.

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