How to Change Name on Messenger Without Facebook

Looking for the right guide to help you change your name on Messenger without Facebook? We are glad you made it to this post as we are here with a simple yet efficient guide to solve your doubts. To alter your Messenger for iOS username, click on your account icon in the upper segment afterward and click on the Acct Options menu. It will bring the option to modify individual data; click on it to alter the name.

change name in messenger without facebook

To modify your profile name, go to your account section and click the ‘Username’ choice; change and save.

If you’re using Messenger, change your codename to whatever identity you want to demonstrate to that individual. Rather than affecting everyone, this will solely influence one individual.

If you are using both the Fb and Messenger apps on your phone, you can modify the nickname of your Fb account from the Messaging service rather than going to Fb.

You could also alter your Messenger cover photo straight from Messenger. But, of course, you can do much more with Facebook Messenger using iOS or Android devices.

This post will walk you through the process of modifying your name, screen name, and establishing nicknames for your mates straight from the Messaging service.

How to Change Name on Messenger Without Facebook

1. Change Messenger Name Without Facebook

Fb users can update their identities from their Facebook account or the web-based application.

This step involves changing the username of your Fb account, which you can do if you are using an Fb device, and yet if you are using Messenger on your smartphone, you can accomplish this without Fb.

Get on Messenger and obey these steps to modify your username from the Messenger App:

Step 1: First, open the Messenger app on your smartphone and log in using your qualifications.

Step 2: From the initial tab, click on the profile icon in the right-hand corner, and the messenger app will take you to the Messenger tools menu.

change name in messenger without facebook

Step 3: Select the ‘Acct settings’ on the Facebook profile from the menu.

change name in messenger without facebook

Step 4: Select the ‘Personal information’ alternative from the acct options menu.

change name in messenger without facebook

Step 5: Enter the name in the First Name and Surname fields, then click the ‘Review Change’ button. After that, verify and save the file.

change name in messenger without facebook

That’s all there is to it. This step will generate your word for your Fb account straightforwardly from Messenger.

2. Change Account Name in Messaging App

By default, Fb recognizes a user account by a certain number that is auto-generated by the Facebook methodology. However, you can modify this if you need your account to be distinctive.

The username appears on the URL as username/*.

The most remarkable feature is that you can also change your username, which you can do straightforwardly from your Messenger if registered.

Follow these simple steps to change your Messaging account name:

Step 1: First, open your Messenger app and ensure whether you are a logged-in user of Messenger.

Step 2: Consequently, glide to the upper edge of your Messaging to access your account by pressing on the profile icon at the top part.

Step 3: When the account begins in Messenger, you will see a ‘Username’ alternative inside the lineup.

Step 4: Now, tap on the online name choice to see the established account name, which you must unload before creating a fresh one.

Just after the finalization of this procedure, the new username will pop up; if it is accessible, only you will be allowed to save it.

How to Give Nicknames to Mates on Messenger

Changing your pals’ nicknames straight from Messaging is a breeze if you’re using an Android device. In the specific instance of Android phones, you can alter the handle straight from the conversation without opening the account button. Instead, open a dialogue, tap nicknames, and set for one particular buddy.

Here’s a walkthrough guide on how to accomplish it:

Step 1: In the right-hand corner, you will discover the symbol ‘three-dots,’ which you must click.

change name in messenger without facebook

Step 2: By bumping on that sign, a set of options will appear, from which you must pick ‘Nicknames.’ Input the nickname you want to assign to that buddy and save the changes.

change name in messenger without facebook

This step is the fundamental technique for effectively setting or changing the nickname from the Messaging app.

change name in messenger without facebook

Bottom Line

This post discusses modifying your account’s name and username and setting nicknames on your conversation. You can change your username or specify aliases straight from your Messaging service by following the steps below.

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