Can You Track Deleted Facebook Account IP Address via Messages They Sent?

We meet many people online every day. And each new person is different from the others. But once in a while, you might encounter people unlike most people you have ever encountered. While some of these people can interest you beyond your imagination, others can be too problematic to tolerate. This blog is about the latter. There can be many reasons why you might want to track someone’s IP address on Facebook. And mostly, it has to do with the person bugging you with their irritating, sometimes rude, or even obscene messages.

can you track deleted facebook account ip address via messages they sent

Whatever the reason, you might want to know more about the person behind the messages. And finding the IP address seems like a decent way to get an idea about the person’s whereabouts.

But can you really track a Facebook account’s IP address using the messages they sent? Moreover, is it possible to do that if the account has been deleted?

Read on to learn all about it.

Can You Track Deleted Facebook Account IP Address via Messages They Sent?

Before answering your question, let’s first understand if tracking someone’s IP address via their messages is even possible.

When you receive a message from someone on Facebook, the message doesn’t contain any identifying information about the user that’s visible to you. All you can see is the time and date you received the message.

So, if you were looking for a tool or trick that would somehow track a Facebook user’s IP address using the messages they sent you, you are in the wrong direction. There is no such way to find out the IP address of a user via their messages alone.

If the user is online, you can perhaps send an IP grabber link and expect them to click on it to know their IP address. That’s likely the only way to get their IP address via messages. 

What if the person has deleted their account?

If the target user is online chatting with you, an IP grabber link is a common and proven way to grab their IP address. This IP address can disclose the approximate location of the server they are using.

But here, we are talking about a deleted Facebook account. And things, in this case, are a bit different.

The messages don’t contain any such information that can directly or indirectly show you the IP address of any user. And you can not send a tracking link as the user is not gonna click on it.

And most importantly, there is no hidden feature that can show you that using the messages you have received.

Or take it this way: Facebook doesn’t make users’ IP addresses visible to others. Therefore, no online tool can show you this. If a tool claims to do that, know that it’s fooling you.

So, is it impossible to track a deleted account’s IP address via messages they sent?

Now, this is a tricky question.

We just told you that you could not track someone’s IP address just by their messages because Facebook doesn’t make this info available. Obviously, we told you the truth.

But there’s an important thing to clarify here. Facebook does not disclose the IP address to other users. But it surely stores them on the servers. Facebook keeps track of users’ login data and stores them each time they log into their account with a new IP address.

So, here’s the main thing: While it is not possible for a fellow Facebook user to know the IP address of another user, it is possible to get that info.

How? Police.

The law is above all. It is above Facebook and above the user who is messaging you.

If the person has done something that has made you lodge an official complaint with the legal bodies, there are some chances of the police finding out the details about the user’s account, including their IP address, on any particular day they messaged you.

But there are a few things to note here. Depending on the legal framework of your region and Facebook’s privacy policy, it may or may not be possible to retrieve the user’s details even if you have lodged a complaint.

The seriousness of the crime is what matters the most. And Facebook might not give out the information so easily. Nevertheless, if the court orders the platform to give out any information it can provide, it must comply.

Does the IP address really matter?

We have been talking about the possibility of finding out the IP address of users throughout this blog. And we know you are interested in it quite a bit. But we need to pause for a second and ask this question: Are IP addresses worth your curiosity?

Look, an IP address is not extremely sensitive info. It’s personal information, no doubt. But generally, it can not reveal something that’s overly personal. Here are three reasons why IP addresses might not be as important as you think:

Dynamic IP addresses:

Firstly, public IP addresses are dynamic. They change continuously. An IP address can change several times a day due to changes in the ISP’s network configuration. For example, if you have a prepaid internet connection, you can change your IP address simply by turning off your router and turning it on again.

Therefore, you cannot find any great deal of identifying information just by getting hold of the IP address.


People can log into their Facebook accounts from anywhere using any Wi-Fi. In this case, the IP address registered with their account may not always be their IP address. And therefore, you will never know whether the IP address is correct.

No precise location:

Even if you somehow get hold of a person’s current IP address, it will likely not be very accurate. This is because the IP address doesn’t disclose the user’s location. Instead, all you can find out is the location of the ISP’s server. And you don’t need that, do you?

Due to all these reasons, IP addresses are not as interesting as you might think.

Summing up

Thus, we conclude that it’s generally not possible to track someone’s IP address on Facebook just by the messages they send. The only way you can do that is by tricking them into clicking tracking links that grab their IP address and show them to you.

But if the person has deleted their account, it’s almost impossible to know their IP address, except through the rare possibilities mentioned above.

However, an IP address alone is not enough to provide personal information about a user, so it is not very important.

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