Can You See What Time Someone Viewed Your Instagram Story?

Instagram Story View Time: Instagram has many unique features that have gotten the platform to the top of social media networking. Although platforms like Snapchat are also unique in their way, Instagram has a youthful touch to its design, making it even more appealing for Gen Z.

an you see what time people viewed your instagram story

For example, you must’ve had the chance to experience the reels feature on Instagram. People were quick to compare it to TikTok and even accuse the platform of trying to copy a popular platform’s style. However, it’s not about the style so much as it is about the thought.

Isn’t it better to have all your friends, posts, story highlights, and reels on the same platform instead of going to another for your daily dose of humorous content?

Today, we’re going to talk about the Instagram stories feature.

The feature was first introduced on Snapchat as a way for users to connect with all their friends at once. While Snapchat users loved the feature, it was otherwise considered useless and boring. However, the feature grew on people because soon, it was everywhere: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Google released a similar feature.

When you upload a picture on your story or status, it stays on there for 24 hours before disappearing forever. This was one of the users’ initial problems: how to make those pictures stay forever?

And although Snapchat was okay with its users having to live with this issue, Instagram wasn’t. Soon, it launched the highlights feature, where you can save all your stories on your profile if you wish to. In fact, you can also group your stories from different days into one group! How cool is that?

For example, let’s say you go to your karate class every Monday and Thursday and hit the gym on the weekends. You can make a particular highlight that only contains the stories of your karate class and another one with only your gym pictures.

Today, we’ll discuss how to see what time someone viewed your Instagram story. We’ll also talk about a few related topics, so read on until the end!

Can You See What Time Someone Viewed Your Instagram Story?

Let’s get straight to it: can you see what time people viewed your Instagram story?

Well, we hate to rain all over your parade, but there’s no way for you to see what time someone viewed your Instagram story. Although that feature is available on WhatsApp, it’s yet to make its way to Instagram, so for the time being, we’re sorry that there’s nothing you can do about it.

When you open your story on Instagram, you’ll be able to see your viewers list. And although it won’t tell you when someone saw your story, you can get a pretty good estimate by looking at the number of people who’ve seen it before them.

For example, if they’re at the bottom of the list and several people have seen your story after them, they’ve probably seen it right after you posted it. On the other hand, if their name is right at the top, they probably saw it just minutes before.

If you’re new to Instagram, you might not know what we’re talking about.

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