Can You Make Some Photos Private on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most versatile and all-accommodating platforms on the market. Even when you overlook its attractive design, entertaining features, privacy, and security measures, it’s still a great pick. After all, there’s a reason why it’s the second most popular social media after Facebook. As you might know, Facebook has over three billion monthly active users and is a flourishing social media platform. However, you might’ve noticed how Gen Z is least interested in using it, choosing to go with Snapchat and Instagram instead. Why do you think that’s happening?

can you make some photos private on instagram

Well, in a nutshell, Facebook has stopped growing and evolving. While it’s well-established, it needs to be maintained too, don’t you think? It’s not like Facebook isn’t updated regularly, but nothing new or creative is happening there. Facebook’s target audience has shifted to middle-aged Gen X who like using it because the design is easy to navigate.

Older people are also drawn to public groups and the marketplace. However, there’s nothing there that might attract the attention of a seventeen-year-old Gen Z teenager. No new trends originate there, and the platform has much of what can only be described as trashy, low-quality amateur content.

In contrast, Instagram offers the best of everything: pop culture, entertainment, connectivity, and design. Everything’s made to appeal to young, bright, and creative minds. Instagram team and other brands have all adopted the Gen Z trends, styles, and mannerisms.

Reels are the current internet trendsetters, with every reel trend asking creators to display some part of their life, something they like, or their preference. The content you’ll find on Instagram varies from user to user, completely tailored to each user’s preference.

And, of course, who doesn’t like to spend hours in the Explore section, checking out celebrity gossip? Lastly are thousands of verified content pages that post everything you should know to keep you updated.

There’s a world full of creativity, inspiration, innovation, and opportunities on Instagram if you know where to look. Unfortunately, most of us overlook the goldmine that it is for some light entertainment. Here’s hoping that in 2023, we will truly unleash all the positive aspects of Instagram!

Today’s blog will discuss if you can make some of your photos on Instagram private.

Can You Make Some Photos Private on Instagram?

Instagram is big on privacy and security, so today’s question will be in reference to that. Is it possible for you to make some of your Instagram photos private? Well, no; you cannot simply make some photos private on Instagram while the others remain public.

However, there’s an option that might get you your desired effect. Don’t worry; we’ll be discussing it today.

Instagram wants you to be as secure as possible, but there’s always a limit to what you can be allowed to do. There are mainly three types of Instagram accounts:

  • Private accounts: These accounts are for users who wish to remain as private as possible. They like their personal space and wish to only share their life updates with their close friends and acquaintances.

In a private account, only the owner can choose who can follow their account by manually approving follow requests. One disadvantage of this account type is that it cuts off the owner’s reach. No one except your followers can see your photos, status updates, and highlights.

  • Public accounts: Public accounts are open accounts; all the users on the internet (except those blocked by the owner) can see this account’s contents.

It’s a good way to gain more exposure through the use of quality content, hashtags, and engagement. It’s also used by users who want people to be able to find you.

  • Business accounts: Business accounts are similar to public accounts, but they’ve been engineered specifically for business purposes. It boosts your reach and makes sure you reach your target audience.

These accounts also offer several analytical tools for you to research and work on your content, engagement, and reach. As a social media influencer/content creator, you want to create this type of account.

To address your question, you cannot decide to make some of the posts on your public/business account private. You either show your content to all your followers or none of them. Another alternative is to switch to a personal account.

However, we do have something you might like. You can’t make posts visible to some followers, but you can hide them from your followers without deleting them. Yes, we’re talking about archiving.

Here’s how to archive your Instagram posts

Step 1: Launch Instagram on your smartphone; the first screen is your Instagram feed. At the bottom right corner, locate and tap on your profile picture to go to Your Profile.

can you make some photos private on instagram

Step 2: Under your profile information, like your number of posts, followers, and following and your bio, you’ll see your posts. Tap on the one you wish to hide.

can you make some photos private on instagram

Step 3: You’ll notice three dots icons at the top right side of the post. Tap on it, and a menu with many options will appear; select Archive.

can you make some photos private on instagram

There you go! Now your post is hidden, but you can still access it anytime! Here’s how to do it.

Step 4: On your profile, tap the hamburger icon. On the menu, tap on the fourth option called Archive.

can you make some photos private on instagram

Step 5: At the top of the screen, tap on the Stories archive. Here, you’ll see three types of archives: Stories, posts, and Live. Tap on whichever you wish to access, and you’re great to go!

can you make some photos private on instagram

Only you can see your archived posts by going into your posts archive. You can bring it back anytime you want and share it to your Instagram story without unarchiving it.

Closing thoughts

As our blog for today has reached its end, we’ll do a quick recap sesh for all we’ve discussed.

Instagram respects your privacy, but there’s a limit to everything. You can’t choose which users can see which of your posts; it defeats the point of a profile. But if you truly wish to hide one of your Instagram posts without deleting it, don’t worry; we have an alternative.

All you need to do is archive those posts and return to them later! Don’t worry about losing them; you can recover them at will, with all the engagement intact!

If we’ve managed to help you out, do let us know all about it in the comments section!

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