Can You Get Banned for Using Steam Achievement Manager?

Although most people consider Steam the world’s largest online gaming platform, the platform is much more than just a gaming hub. In the true sense, Steam is an ultra-large community of people who love gaming. In nearly two decades of its existence, Steam has garnered a community of tens of millions of gaming enthusiasts who not only find it interesting to play and create games but also love to hang out with other gamers and talk about games and other stuff.

can you get banned for using steam achievement manager

Steamers have loved the wide array of diverse types of games on Steam since the beginning. But when there are such popular games, popular cheats follow. And gamers know better than not to use such under-the-counter ways.

Steam Achievement Manager is a popular third-party tool that can help unlock all the achievements on any game on Steam. But whenever such under-the-counter methods exist, they bring risks and confusion. Is the Steam Achievement Manager safe to use? Can you get banned for using it?

If you want to know the answers, you need not go further. The answers to these questions are all wrapped in this blog, so stay right where you are and keep scrolling.

What is Steam Achievement Manager? How does it work?

For all the avid gamers who want to boast their gaming achievements to fellow gamers on Steam, Steam Achievement Manager is the most popular and efficient go-to place that can unlock any game’s achievements in just a few clicks.

If you have come across Steam Achievement Manager (or simply SAM) only recently, you might not know that it is one of the oldest platforms providing achievement-unlock services. Ever since SAM came out in 2008, it has kept Steamers engaged with the amazingly simple way it works.

You can download the open-source software from SAM’s GitHub page by following this link. The program is available as a ZIP file, so you must extract it before using it. Once you start using the program, finding games is pretty easy. SAM automatically finds the games installed in your Steam account.

Steam Achievement Manager can not only help you unlock the achievements of any game but also unlock many other in-game accessories as well. You can choose any game you want, and the program sends a set of instructions to Steam’s servers and bingo! All your in-game achievements get unlocked in the blink of an eye. The achievements then appear on the profile for others to see.

The way SAM works is pretty simple. But here is the interesting part. This program has been up and running since 2008. And it is almost as effective as it was in the beginning. Why is it so? What does Steam think about it? Has the gaming platform taken any action that concerns SAM?

The answers are in the following section.

Can You Get Banned for Using Steam Achievement Manager?

It is interestingly important to note that Steam Achievement Manager has been around for nearly fourteen years, and Steam users have not faced difficulties while accessing this program.

Moreover, note that Steam Achievement Manager is a third-party platform, which means it is not backed– in any way– by Steam. Still, Steam doesn’t seem to have many issues with SAM. Until now, neither Steam nor Valve has addressed the confusion of users who are unsure whether to use SAM or not.

Currently, nearly no user has ever reported getting banned for using SAM. In other words, the platform is fairly safe to use if you consider historical data for reference.

But history is not an indicator of the future, is it?

As we write this blog, we know Steam has never done or said anything about SAM and its usage. Staying silent apparently means that Steam and Valve don’t care if users use a third-party tool to unlock achievements to display on their profile. But does that say anything about the future?

No one knows when Steam will decide to ban users from using SAM. While the chances of this happening are scarce, it is still possible.

It all depends on how important you think it is to unlock your achievements. If it seems significantly desirable, you can take the risk. But if you don’t want to risk your account for these unlocks, you should stay away safely. In other words, we want to say this: TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Closing thoughts

Your reputation on Steam is built by the level of achievements you have earned in games you have played. And it is always desirable to earn those achievements without actually playing and unlocking them.

Steam Achievement Manager is a great tool to unlock all achievements of any game. And while it is fairly simple to use, a bit of confusion always exists among users about whether the platform is safe or not. In this previous section, we discussed how SAM works and whether you can use it without getting banned.

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