Can You Block Countries or IP Addresses on Onlyfans?

Being an OnlyFans creator is certainly fun. You can earn money from the content you bring in on the platform. However, let’s face it; the experience is similar to riding a rollercoaster! We all go through fluctuations in mood, and sometimes you just want to tear your hair. And no, it’s not simply due to the obnoxious people filling your DMs. There are a lot worse things that can make you want to cry out.

The last thing an OnlyFans creator wants is for their work to be stolen or removed because of specific laws in some nations. None of us would like it, we bet!

We have no influence over a nation’s laws, but we can certainly take active steps to protect our work, right? That’s where certain questions like, “Can you block countries or IP addresses on OnlyFans kicks in.

We’re answering this pressing question in this blog. Let’s get going!

Can You Block Countries or IP Addresses on Onlyfans?

OnlyFans give their creators complete control over their work and the power to decide who can access it. You can prevent prying eyes or even an entire country from consuming it with only one click.

To set the record straight: Yes, you can block countries or IP addresses on the platform.

Many users place a higher value on their privacy than they do on their money or fame. In these circumstances, OnlyFans’ geo-blocking feature is incredibly handy. You have a sense of security as a user and avoid uncomfortable situations by limiting access to your information.

Keep reading to find out the easy steps needed if you’re interested in geo-blocking certain countries or IP addresses on OnlyFans.

Steps to block countries or IP addresses on OnlyFans:

Step 1: Go to the OnlyFans app and click on your profile icon. It is at the far right corner of the bottom navigation bar.

Step 2: Choose the Settings menu from the panel.

Step 3: The Privacy and safety option must be present here. Please tap it.

Step 4: You will find the Block by Country option as you move down. Select the country you want to block.

Step 5: You can block IP addresses in the block by IP address tab in the sub-menu. Please tap it, type in the target IP address, and save it.

How to block someone on OnlyFans?

The geo-blocking feature of OnlyFans is unquestionably excellent for protecting your online privacy and security. But did you know that you can also block particular users on the platform?

OnlyFans gives you the power to block people if you feel even slightly weirded out by them. They do so to keep the community safe. Check the steps for blocking someone on the platform in more detail.

Steps to block someone on OnlyFans:

Step 1: You must head to your OnlyFans account and open it.

Step 2: Navigate to the profile you want to block.

You can look for them or find their profile link in your Direct Messages.

Step 3: You will find the three dots icon at the top right corner after reaching your profile. Please click it to proceed.

Step 4: An options menu emerges on the page. Go for the block option to confirm your action.

That’s it; the person is blocked from viewing your profile on the platform.

Use of VPN services

Countries and IP addresses you actively blocked can never see your account. This is unless users use deceptive IP masking techniques or create new accounts to attempt and get around your privacy protections. We need to inform people about these services to stay informed.

Virtual private network (VPN) services are the trendy talk of the town because they provide online protection and anonymity to users. They encrypt your public IP address so you freely browse the internet without being concerned about giving away your identity to others.

Several users use services like NordVPN and ExpressVPN to mask their identity and bypass the limitation when OnlyFans is banned in their country. So, certainly, using these services frees you from geo-restrictions.

It conceals your IP, allowing you to escape a creator’s IP ban successfully most of the time.

In the end

We are about to wrap up this conversation. Let’s review some important things you need to keep in mind.

We talked about a few methods for blocking an OnlyFans account today. We hope that these strategies assist you in building a secure community on the platform.

Leave a comment if you have any questions or doubts related to our discussion on this topic. We will do our best to answer you.

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